Saturday, September 24, 2016


When you feel a person's heart
you may find love from the start
yet as you probe into their mind
you never know what you'll find.
Should you wish to turn the blind
simply play along yet never mind
should they turn out to be unkind
you will be betrayed from behind.


The pitiful grievances I sometimes hear 
goes through one ear but may not clear
gets warped in my mind therefore I fear
it might not come out from the other ear
unless I cleanse it with a crocodile tear.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Been there and back
had a nap on the way
was thinking of you
as you climb out
of the dark side 
and fool moon me
out of the blue
my tides come out
and only you
can pull them in
as if it were
a piece of cake.
For fax sake 
bite a take
I’m down
on my knees 
at your feet
I may be beat
but good to eat.


What I witnessed in this journey of life
has driven me to the idiom of the absurd
not only have I learned to laugh at things
but also have a tendency to play the joker.
The privileged fool is a fool of indulgence 
the popular fool is a fool through capacity
excess is by no means a proof of capability
greed is no indication of inherent ingenuity.
Honey coated vanity is a brand of insanity
which serves to disseminate this life's irony
consumerism isn’t an implication of snobbery
I cherish humility as evidence to my humanity.


Dreams are facts severed from reality
ingenuity occurs as space in between
whatever imagination renders possible
has an endurance in alternative space
given the infinitude of quantum theory
dreams are connections to an eternity.
The World Wide Web also is a parallel
virtual reality maintains such continuity 
as alternative presence through space.