Thursday, May 24, 2018


Like a black hole at the heart of an atom
Your paradise is a slippery slope to hell
I can tell because I more than once fell
Yet was rescued at the nick of the bell.


Here is moving past 
the ageing sorrow 
to kick the bucket 
scare the chickens 
in spoiled waters
with steroid pollute
I swallowed enough
while still at school.
In begotten karma
I salute you all
of raging fury
am a little dreary
here comes the ball
I kick it abrupt
I kick it high
to score a goal
right into the sky.
Let me ask you why
you ate the cow
before I figured how
to drink the milk.
I am on my way
to the forgotten land
where I’ll dish the news
in tomahawk scraps.
It has been a while
since I caught this bug
reluctant to leave
without a hug.
The brass is shifting
a nation drifting
right down the Nile
no room for denial
they’ll be grifting
the Sphinx in a while.

Monday, May 21, 2018



At the negation of inherent existence 
the mind is emptied in dire container
a head as clear when turned around
been cleansed of any trace of doubt.
Nothingness is where all this sprouts
embrace emptiness, cherish solitude
stillness of mind will disperse clouds
open your heart wide, avoid attitude.

Monday, April 30, 2018


Beyond the shadow of a slightest doubt
a trace of the moon seen in silver spoon
inside your mouth, under a sharp tongue
hold on to the temptation don't let it hang
hankering might spoil the whole shebang.

Sugar coated tongue has charming entice
sweet nothings into the ear sounding nice
in spite of a fiery desire engendering vice
do not brood even if you end up in demise
trivial pursuits fetch only skin-deep price.


Sunday, April 29, 2018


The inmost latent regions of a mystical mind 
Awareness is a starter, understanding follows
In the nuance of consciousness, enigma shows
Intuition and fortuity, conundrums nobody knows
When the sublime is in play the whole psyche glows.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I skin dive into a region of my mind when blank
It is like taking plunge into flawlessly calm waters
The disturbance caused is within the range of pen
My hands draw as my eyes follow, my mind is absent
Before I realize the paper is filled with scribbles like this.


Things can be cool and mellow
If there would be no tomorrow
Just to be in the here and now
Blithe, not any trace of sorrow
Even though no path to follow.


A bunch of memories 
tiny bits, mega stories
spread all over the mind
tasty bites, delicious eats
thoughts of the spicy kind
the first hand historic treats.
Some memos are rather tough 
just because they've had it rough
skinny dip your fingers in the sauce
as you get deeper you will find a cause
which has since been hardened, I suppose
choose a happy one, is what I would propose.


I am reaching out to the source of consciousness
Not just in this World but all across this universe
I should think you will hear me even if I don’t pray
As you can see, humans are approaching the edge
By the looks of it the leaders are behaving strange
As though they were puppets hanging by a grudge
I’d like to know where we’ll be heading after WWIII
We should want to position our egress accordingly
If you would be what most of us expected you to be
Give us your hand, deliver us from impending misery
Such confusion has induced us to trust this illusion
It helps to know if paradise would be within reason.


Solitary confinement is a valiant quest
Besides the established pecking digest
A space where nothing can wholly rest
In total absence presides a holy guest
Lacking presence yet dormant at best
Ultimately engendering a diligent test.
Voluntary exile from the established way
Is a blessing in disguise at the end of day
Freedom is having a choice one can take
Not an imposition in the traditional sense
But humility and reverence in stark mood
Can embrace solitude with such attitude.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


To play is to listen to the inner force
that wants to take form and rejoice
It needs no reason, no planning, no effort
It is the joyful expression of a genuine self.
Play is innocent, play is fun, not always game
like our early experiences prior to conditions
prior to the trophies, when we were babies
we could just let go ’Wwwhhhooopppeee’
no winners, no losers, no instructions there
full heartedly we could just trust the universe
through the path of least resistance 
no fears, no reluctance, no holding back
there’s so much freedom there.

Monday, April 09, 2018


Flip your coin high in the sky
when it is spinning in the air
You’ll know the side of hope
The rest shouldn't mean a lot.