Monday, February 19, 2018




Lucid dream exploration has been my forte
I dive deep, retain consciousness to the end
This has been my innermost pursuit my friend
Remembering a daydream as lucid progression
Every dream detail remains intact when I'm awake.

As you take a dive from the lucid into the deep
keep on going until you emerge from your sleep
at the edge of awakening, hold on to your dream
as you slip into a daydream, strange as may seem
you will reap the rewards of being alert while asleep.


Saturday, February 17, 2018


I have witnessed mingled faces in my dreams
Although they remain abstruse, out of my reach
The ingenuity I have attained from insight is such
That I decipher visions which have kept me in touch
With the latent personification rooted deep in my mind.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Incite if you dare the inner ride
dive into it, take a deepening slide
probe into your soul, yet do not hide 
until you surface from the brighter side.
What we make of this will mostly depend
on whether we shall rise above or descend
let us write in sand choices we should make
intent will have to contend with tools at hand.

Thursday, February 15, 2018



The entity captured in an instant
at the blink of an eye in slow motion 
had been suspended between intervals
biting time patiently, longing to be realized.
In a flash it vanished, an illusion was all it was 
a ghost of a ghost, the shadow of what was lost
an apparent appearance of a lost moment's catch
endless possibilities in store at imagination's stretch.


Alert and aware whilst surfing along the anima
A link between day dreaming and lucid dreaming
As I am sleepwalking from situation to resolution
Extra sensory perception serves as a guiding light
Scrutinized intensively by the attentive mind.


The language my fingers speak while I’m holding a pencil
When my mind is elsewhere, candid, thoughtless unaware
Thousands of doodles have thus emerged from my hands
On napkins, desks, walls, wherever my fingers may scribble
Represent my genuine identity, my coat of arms so to speak.


Sooner or later it will all come to the surface 
That is the nature of truth, like a bubble it rises
Why not right now, can we handle total transparency
Out of the question, it's been suppressed for a long time
Yet we all have to face the truth, at least before we expire.

Be your true self and take it from there

Monday, February 12, 2018


I am trying to be myself so you can see me 
Mistaken identity is simply a slip of words
Slander will follow and before you know
You become what's indicated in theory
A shrinking atlas, shedding past glory
Now is available, in full transparency
You have to live with it, end of story.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Art & poetry are two ways we turn the inner into the outer 
in so doing we are able to create and explore even further 
then, there is the repletion of spontaneous online sharing 
Instant gratification attained by virtual realistic interaction.



I jumped out of a crazy dream
my heart beating way too fast
I have arrived here going past
what was present could not last.

A snowball rolling down a slope
speeding up, gaining momentum
growing in size before my eyes
swallowing everything on path.

Just when it was about to crush
I made a rush in moment’s flash
accelerating in tremendous pace
automatically stretched the space.

A dormant force burst into action
traveling time by means of suction
back and forth, tremendous friction
witnessing the future, not just fiction.

When I suddenly opened my eyes
the dream I had just experienced
was protruding with a soft landing
ahead of me in projected standing.

I caught up with an envisioned future
unfolding underneath my lucid dream
a reversal of a "de ja vu" manifesting
here and now literally was expanding.

The insight I’ve attained in due course
has now been realized as my resource
since I took a peek into a future source
as destiny was unfolding out of course.

Back and forth, here now later gone
I marvel at a future which is going on
having witnessed what is yet to come
I certainly know what needs to be done.


Are you prepared to enter the future
Position yourself accordingly in case
You qualify to carry all the way ahead
Yet a point of view can lead you astray
Clear your head before you drop dead.