Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Inner regions of the mind is exposed unintentionally
A painting is never finished, frozen for timed release
An ongoing process, haphazard, impromptu, casual
Exposing the unforeseen in sustaining the intuitive.

Friday, March 22, 2019



Unless you are who you truly are you can't be loved
Only what you pretend to be can be loved accordingly
Yet to understand who you truly are can be challenging
Let alone the beloved to be equally genuine in authenticity
So true love is rare, very rare, people do anything to be loved
All in vain unless they are for real the status symbol will deceive
The familiarized aspect of appearance can be extremely misleading
What one regards as love under such conditions is merely a deception
Since the beloved should have also accomplished the same genuine task
So much for the exaggerated ‘I love you’, I wish to dare provoke you to be true.

Sunday, October 07, 2018


 Scribbling has been one  of my oldest habits
well over half a century I have been drawing
scratching the surface when sand gets wet 
depicting on the steam over glassy facades
my hands move without conscious direction 
no intention, spontaneous candid finger play.


Saturday, October 06, 2018


I have devised the term "Suboriginal Art”
To this the dictionaries have no definition 
I hereby use my poetic license, declare it 
The literary definition of a novel art form. 
First phase is casual psychic automatism
Finishing touches; cutting-edge intrinsic
Primitive-Modern ~ Raw nature > refined.
This notice serves as; registry, copyright
Warranty, attitude and all linguistic claims.

Friday, September 14, 2018


Digging hard when diving deep
not quite the same while asleep
reaching out for a special dream
more like fishing as it may seem.
The expression of an impression
evoked instantly in a given space
like consciousness in cyberspace
a parallel universe at the reverse.
The opposite points of reference
interact at the bedrock of internet
the grounds on which we’ll create
a coeval in which we may navigate.


Saturday, June 09, 2018


The depth of your being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
the traits which are on the surface.
The inherent aptitudes can be provoked
latent powers emerge once they're evoked
those dormant energies can easily be tapped
once they are detected and discreetly unwrapped.
On one hand there will be many benefits to contend
yet such an intricate process should inevitably depend
on an attitude, the purpose of what a person might intend
whether it is to dominate, exterminate or rectify and amend.


The answer to prayers
ember of the heavens
tiny particles of stars
entering atmosphere
as meteorite shower.
The friction of entry 
thus peeling crust
impact of a verve
inciting the seed 
traction of speed
igniting the flame
of a new life form
from way up there 
deep into the ocean
a sprout of divination
the story of evolution.


Voluntary confinement is a valiant quest
Besides this established pecking digest
A space where nothing can entirely rest
In total absence presides the holy guest
Lacking in presence but real at it’s best
Vacuous, as it provides an ultimate test.
Voluntary exile from the established way
Is a blessing in disguise in a strange way
Freedom is having a choice one can take
Not an imposition for some other’s sake
With humility, reverence, in total solitude
Can embrace absence with such attitude.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Like a black hole at the heart of an atom
Your paradise is a slippery slope to hell
I can tell because I more than once fell
Yet was rescued at the nick of the bell.


Here is moving past 
the ageing sorrow 
to kick the bucket 
scare the chickens 
in spoiled waters
with steroid pollute
I swallowed enough
while still at school.
In begotten karma
I salute you all
of raging fury
am a little dreary
here comes the ball
I kick it abrupt
I kick it high
to score a goal
right into the sky.
Let me ask you why
you ate the cow
before I figured how
to drink the milk.
I am on my way
to the forgotten land
where I’ll dish the news
in tomahawk scraps.
It has been a while
since I caught this bug
reluctant to leave
without a hug.
The brass is shifting
a nation drifting
right down the Nile
no room for denial
they’ll be grifting
the Sphinx in a while.