Sunday, March 27, 2016


Our adversaries strengthen our nerves and sharpen our skill.
Inadvertently, the antagonist is our helper, we gain experience.
This gives us knowledge, the wisdom of handling the conflicts.
What was once an assumption is a full fledged first hand affair.
Acknowledgment & disappointment, celebration & condemnation.
Betrayal of loyalty, unconditional love tested, provoked temptation.
Honour takes issue with pride, implication of shame brings humility.
Ultimately it's the anger, quietly yet grudgingly stirring up perplexity.
Tempted to seek satisfaction in vindication, despite the humiliation.
Detachment is a necessity to safeguard against threatened sanity.
There's more ingenuity which will kick in once the going gets rough.
In keeping vigil we sharpen our skill,our adversary makes us tough.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Masks and masks and masks
everyone solicitously wearing 
walking around in fake smiles
inner feelings kept in disguise
expedient posture of pretence
is the state of natural defence. 

Masks are given as we arrive
superficial allusions of identify
names, numbers, tags, brands
idiopathic means secure points
skirts for ladies, pants for gents
a fancy crown his majesty gets.

A mask is an indication of fear 
looks like a safe way to appear
remove once the coast is clear
can't hide the truth from a seer
outwardly proud, in reality shy 
takes a careful look in the eye.


Totally awake > daydream > lucid dream > deep dream
lucid dream >  daydream > alert. 
the (interval) is where continuity is maintained 
like a soft landing on automatic pilot. 
Remembering is where the connection is, 
this is where the lucid dream is necessary 
to find continuity to the alert state.


Lucid dreaming during daydreaming 
one facing down, the other facing up
like lying on the surface of the water
turning from upside to the down side
subconscious alert of the conscious
coalescing of the inner and the outer.


In my dreams I see many characters from the past
Some departed in real life but in dreams, still alive
Also some personalities I know in the here and now
There are many whom I have only known via 'www'
They have no face but just a Facebook like presence
I am also visited quite often by entities I’ve never met
I have known more people through my lucid dreams
Which are crowded with faces, coming out in stages
It's rather harmless but sometimes too much stress
I ease them on paper as I am dreaming wide awake
& launch them into the world wide web, just like that.