Saturday, May 30, 2015


From a source deep in space
subtle signals reaching Earth,
heavens above giving a sign
crop circles are simply divine. 
Much evidence of alien action
not just far fetched deduction,
let us be real, about this deal
so many things it could reveal.
Should we be ready to receive
a honored guest from heaven
with open arms & love to give
without the demeanor of fear.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


There is no obligation for unconditional love
just heartfelt affection, dedication and loyalty
prepared to go the distance without any doubt
belonging to a lover is what devotion is about 
revealing the thrill of adoration, not just a clout.

The more the feeling, the happier is the being

but at the end the harder might be the leaving

such is the balance of life, fragile at the source

it would crumble if it were kept in place by force

letting go of beloved is the extent of this course.



Infused from a future that stretches into eternity
into the here and now, an illusion with a destiny
a beginning and end, meanwhile given a choice
to be and act as a name, number, proven identity
or not to be anything like you’re supposed to be.



Standing at the awry edge of a fiscal cliff hanger
to some a bad joke, for others a cause for anger
solemn faced senators pushing for favorite dish
what will come out of this is coerced to be fetish.

Close your eyes for an instant, make your wish

the bells are ringing, I’d better get ready for this

a monetary economic monster is about to crush

this is the presumption, based on financial trash.

Federally reserved hollow zeroes placed in line

the delicate balance of the dubious with the fine

as the story goes on, the ceiling of debt is raised

for this accomplishment the puppeteer is praised.

People who have much, have to bestow as such

with this deduction, not everyone can be in touch

likely to put decent, honorable folk in lousy mood

for the yet unborn children, this would be no good.