Sunday, July 20, 2014


Passion with gusto tendered alertly
with purity, virtuously, full heartedly,
alongside fervour comes vulnerability
should it crumble there will be no pity.

Romance in bloom, such is pure delight
must cherish beloved, hold on to it tight,
faith is delicate when obstructed by fate
so intense yet fragile, should treat it right.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Spinning the span of time
like there was no tomorrow
just to be in the here and now
jubilation, not a trace of sorrow
indication of how free life can be
when there is not a step to follow.


Friday, July 18, 2014


Hands scribble and doodle in automatic manner
without any conscious direction or premeditation
like chewing one's fingernails, scratching a head
subconscious drawing, oblivious of what's ahead
by virtue of this casual habit instincts are alerted
streaming vision comes out of impulsive artivism
cellular memory revealing genetic code prospects
illuminating hidden aspects, subliminal prompting.



There is a lack of transparency
which makes the World affairs
dubiously flawed, dark and ugly
whistle blowing is the tendency.

Will the lights ever be turned on
the whole picture clearly visible
the perception of existing reality
could that even be conceivable?.

The skillful game of deception
is considered to be diplomacy
which is an essential ingredient
in established political fallacy.

The power of crude brute authority
will now be diminishing really fast
the game of war is played digitally
on the web, with computers at last.

We should put an end to this game
let us admit we are much the same
vanity of power over each other
is not going to get us any further.