Sunday, April 30, 2017


What if after you expire, your cyber presence is still intact
Your profile identity as programmed, placed on time delay 
Your cyber ghost will prevail indefinitely after you’re gone
As memory contained in precisely make believe software
Animated, mimicking authentic gestures in super realism
With your voice, words, things you always wanted to say
Where friends will come visiting you instead of the grave
A vast parallel world will open up, dreams will be realized
Virtual reality envisioned here has incredible possibilities
Which will be applicable and have all the time to manifest.
What is merely imagination down on Earth as in cyberspace
You can levitate, no gravity, fly any way and shape you could
Also swim, dive, you don’t need to breathe to survive in there
Oceans are vast, all creatures from past to future as imagined
Everything is present in the virtual domain, the sky is no limit
Hubble at your disposal, spaceships ready to take you there
In cyberspace there is no limit, an area where all can expand.


I was drifting in my dream 
when the current took me
I could not resist the flow
so willing to wait and see
I am disposed to let it be.
A chartless map I’ll follow
the path of least resistance
as in being in this instance
my approach to tomorrow
will just leave it to chance.
I’d rather take a deep dive
instead of climbing a tree
as an inherent habit of me
I would even wet my pants
If I souldn’t hold my pee.


Life can be like an endeavour on a roller coaster ride 
From yourself, you should have no nonsense to hide
Assuming you could handle humility alongside pride
Whilst you rise in life, your friends know who you are
When you fall down you'll know who your friends are.


Acquired faces float in cyberspace
what I’ve spawn is just concurrent
images of faces within more faces
habitual aspect of automatic slant
vastly divulging my delineated rant.