Thursday, November 24, 2016


I’ve known mood swings 
heaven to hell and back
ecstasy turn pitch black
within the blink of an eye.
Hot temper is hard to take
rage damages the container
less you harness that feeling
with gloom you shall be dealing.
Getting hold of intense passion
an abundance of tense emotion
such self inflicted potent potion
can have impact over the ocean.
Fiery temper in a flash can come
manifesting as willpower on some
who can turn a wild mood swing 
into a constructive positive thing.


I ask myself what is my intention
why do I bother to post another
reminder of man made disaster
can it flak an established order.
Truth is relative to the watcher
adept don’t listen to preacher
my intention isn’t being teacher
I am just a self abiding creature.
A weary passer by sharing surmise
seeking surety, taking satisfaction thus
here now, gone tomorrow, what a surprise
could I change the World after my demise?.

Monday, November 21, 2016


The depth of your being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
the traits which are on the surface.
What was suppressed can be provoked
latent powers emerge as they are evoked
the dormant energies can easily be tapped
once they are detected & carefully snapped.
On one hand there are many benefits to contend
such a intricate process should inevitably depend
on attitude, purpose of what a person would intend
awakening such assets could come handy in the end.


The roar of a crowd in a jam-packed stadium
the impact of a goal stirs up the excitement
as the captivated throng hunger for score
an outburst of intense thundering uproar.
Delirious spectators exhausting psychic frenzy
screaming their guts out in hysterical ecstasy
wave of emotional energy released instantly
captured precisely in cutting edge scrutiny.
Once harnessed, this could be easily accessed
downloaded into a device for beneficial usage
could conceivably transform to clean energy
as alternative power source for emergency.


A point of view could be a serious liability 
when the native is approaching the future
an objective view should have to consider 
all possibilities concurrently in the making.
When a first hand experience is occurring
whatever imagination may render possible
will carve a way in eternal time and space
anything conceived is fated to take place.