Friday, October 07, 2016


It has been said that the unsaid will find voice
in between just small talk and obscure noise 
such precise wording as a matter of choice
may grant the kisser a hot potion of poise.


This came out of the blue, in an artful reverie
when I was half awake inversely in day dream
as fingers holding a pen, scribbling persistently 
lucid were the visions encountered inadvertently
expounding in wonder, in my attempt to decipher.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


I have been up and down and sideways
have travelled circle like, alm0st like an egg
I have gone through dire straights so many times
I might as well descend into a silence only you can 
see me through, or........................... silence my eyes!.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016


I'm authenticated through my Suboriginal Scribbles 
My true identity, my signature is thus transparent
Anyone could recognize my presence likewise
My offering online is candid and spontaneous
I don't mean to score points or win contests.


Each person may carry an akin presence
subliminally residing inside another mind
emerging without conscious deliberation
intuition is the direct means of revelation
emerges in the absence of premeditation.


I can visit the garden of my youth
at the leisure of my lucid dreams
in the muddle of distant memory
I would be climbing a mighty tree
look as far as my eyes could see.
Should I not have my lucid dreams 
my life will not yield what it deems
surely, this is a compelling aspect
clears my mind, keeps me in touch
lucid dream indulgence is my jaunt.


Void's just another word for nothing left to lose
Here is a place where the unsaid will find voice
With more than just small talk and obscure noise
Such precise wording should be a matter of choice 
When all is said and done there’ll be a state of poise.


Should science ever surmise the divine
accomplished balance would be a sign
when imagination is potentially sublime
as knowledge and faith merge into one
we could understand it all in an instant
with an open heart , the soul will shine
where there's faith, there will be vision
as the mind is an instrument of reason.


‘Automatism' is a prerequisite for the initial phase 
As my hands scribble without conscious direction
An ensuing phase naturally takes place in abacus
Subtly scrutinizing and refining the original images.



I saw this guy at Starbucks this morning
No iPhone, no laptop, not even a cigarette
He just sat there drinking coffee, looking silly
Just to cheer him up, I offered him some irony
He gobbled it up just like that, asked for a loony. 


When my paintings were stolen I found my way of retribution
By giving away my paintings for free I got even with the thieves
Anyone can download my art now, I hold no copyright restrictions
My work is priceless, unconditional, I expect nothing in return.


Digging hard whilst diving deep
not quite the same as in a sleep
reaching out for a special dream
more like fishing as it may seem
the expression of an impression
evoked instantly at a given time
from the bowels of actual matter
surfacing instantly in cyberspace
a parallel universe in the reverse
implemented rather appropriately
by virtue of validated hyperspace
the nitty gritty grounds of aptitude
as the physical points of reference
all intact in the bedrock of internet
a groundwork on which we create
beyond constraints of inner space
amidst here, there and elsewhere
a coeval in which we can navigate.

Monday, October 03, 2016


Lucid dreaming along daydreaming 
one facing down the other facing up
turning from upside to the down side
yet intuitively aware of the conscious
coalescing of the inner with the outer.


Doodling has been one of my oldest habits 
well over half a century I have scribbled
scratching surfaces, drawing on the sand 
wood, paper, the steam on glass surfaces.
When hands move without a conscious direction 
without intention, spontaneous candid finger play.
We all doodle, mostly a dot . a line - a circle 
while the mind is occupied, applied elsewhere
between daydreaming and lucid dreaming 
within the regions inhibited by aptitude & habits
automatic, unconscious gestures, tendencies
as picking noses, chewing fingernails, scratching
some are nasty habits, somewhat awkward
others can be rather useful, therapeutic, creative 
exposing hidden aspects, revealing latent talent. 
I consider Doodling to be a benevolent habit
the foundation, the backbone of my art form
Suboriginal Art emerges out of such scribbles.