Sunday, May 15, 2016


I ask the winds 
to take my words 
to places yet unknown 
through tracks of dust 
memories of passage, 
in between past & future
from the ink stains & annals
of innovative creation
to micro chips & galaxies
of multilateral regeneration.
I have arrived here
with cautious discretion
riding those railways
with a sense of flux
within the strife of life
I’ll be meeting a dark stranger
quite soon, a mysterious hero,
death as we call it...the Quietus.
I must once again, without strain
abstain from pain, then again
there's no temptation of going insane
given half the chance to dance
to the rhyhm of my tune
I heard the deejay pull the plug
and play a song for me.
I shall submerge into this chord,
emerge from a deep sleep
beyond which the eyes can't see
despite the prevailing mist,
the long stretch across the frets
where the going is rough
will soon be smoothened over
by the solidity of my resolve.
I assure the World of this
and implore the winds to grant me
this historically unprecedentad opportunity
to transpose wholeness
where it can instantly make a dent
way within, through the thick and thin
of my inexhaustible lucid dreams.


Time is a mighty river flowing towards eternity
as we journey in it towards some destination 
a point of total change, which we call death 
where we stop, while time goes on and on
or.., do we go on and on while time stops 
shall we ever know the genuine answer
ultimately, indisputably, permanently?.
If we were totally immersed in time
we would not merely be passengers
we would be a journey in progression
are there not then those moments when
we catch a glimpse of eternity in glimmer
as our time in all clarity comes to standstill.