Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The grotesque visions of a life's discarded reverie
Alienated from the cultural roots, wanting to be free
Holding on to the body, eyes wide open but can't see
The soul has taken to ether, yet the mind won't let it be
Paradox in action, clinging to genetic memory grudgingly
Psyche striving for change but the ghost persists stubbornly
Accursed spirit, yearning for eternity, unable to migrate swiftly
An entity must shed density to be able to rise beyond periphery.


It does not have to be a secret to spread
besides with whom do you care to share
who can cope with it, the courage to dare
sincerely give a darn, most certainly care
about the truth regarding why and where
we're sharing the moment, now and here.
Consider for an instant, everything in the clear
total transparency as far as the eyes could see
fibs have nowhere to hide, nothing can escape
the herds have been in total darkness for ages
suddenly exposed to fiery blinding illumination
should they not handle, there'll be devastation.


The poet is a Word Priest
To play is this poets Prayer
This voice made is a choice
Let us Pray, Play & Rejoice.
Let us play a prayer
In private or in public
May it be brief,
To its point
Instant relief.
Let us play it
In such a manner
As not to heed
Demons that feed
Upon dreaded fear.
Oh Lord all might be!
The source of our creation
The means of our destruction
The breath of life and death
Oh Lord, Oh lord all might be!
If you be attached or detached
If you give us a hand or a push
Could you grant us peace?.
Hold your breath
Serve your mercy
Deliver us from here
Let us arise once again
Not so much in fear
Not so much in pain
Not eager to complain.
Taper our worry
Rid us of Defeat
Rid us of Victory
End of Story.