Sunday, April 10, 2016


Our life is a fermented journey where 
the landscape fosters a different view 
than that which was presented at first 
changing again and again till the end
as we seek something new to amend
which we might find wherever we land
whether we dismiss or make it a trend
rather than finding the expected result
in satisfaction derived solace we trust.
Direct experience is a genuine award
consciousness is the ultimate reward.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Intelligence is an open wound, treat it with wisdom,
cunning is the by-product, may be schemed at random.
What is truly from the heart, the capacity for empathy
can be brutally squandered by condescending apathy.


Should a person have merit
trophies won’t change it a bit
there are many that strive for it
decorations make them distinct
should you have a good instinct
you can feel, need not even think
gross glamour might need a shrink
bona fide distinctions must not blink.


Infused into the future stretched beyond eternity
from the here and now, an illusion with a destiny
a beginning with end, meanwhile given a choice
to be a number, name, to have a proven identity
or not to be anything like you’re supposed to be.


The answer came initially out of the blue
did not ask the question, not even to you.
It surfaced from the void totally by chance
I had to trace it back to envisioned stance.
A dream in which we are dancing in trance
euphoric in a sense, as delusions enhance.
The crop circle manifest, a sign clearly seen
has been from the beginning the force within.
The guiding light that discerns red from green
which is beyond the place where I have been.
To be in this World, yet of the mysteries within
I could hardly believe in what I have just seen.