Sunday, March 20, 2016


Incite if you dare the inner ride
dive into it, take a deepening slide
probe into your soul, but do not hide 
until you surface from the brighter side.
What we make of this will mostly depend
on weather we shall rise above or descend
let us write in sand, avouch we should make
what we intend should contend to the very end.


The depth of your being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
the traits which are on the surface.

What was suppressed can be provoked
latent powers emerge as they are evoked
the dormant energies can easily be tapped
once they are detected & carefully snapped.

On one hand there are many benefits to contend
such an intricate process should inevitably depend
on attitude, purpose of what a person might intend
handling those assets could come handy in the end.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Safe module cyber placed
only passwords can locate
a probe which will contain
crucial information in hand
delivered at exact moment
in clock strike, time expire
activate automatic device
target ticks capsule ignite
instructing prompt delivery
informing destined agents
which have the resources
to activate powerful forces
implement planned action
causing huge devastation
via satellite in cyberspace
should be an instant affair
in case the motive is there
time delayed day after day
riddle revealed at the gate
the avenger is not too late
should intensely vindicate
securing a deserving fate.


Dressed in black, twenty strong they came
All legal and proper, with credentials and all
Once inside the private residence of a doctor
They turned into terrorists, spewing out horror
Intimidating a family with a brute show of force
In the name of government ‘The Bill of Wrongs'
I trust this story to be true and revealing as such
It is shamefully wrong, a wicked abuse of the law
Considering it comes from the hierarchy of decree
The implication of a set up is apparently within line
When intrigue is applied, justice will tend to decline
The proxy can set the scheme and reap the rewards.


She came with luggage 
he gave a helping hand
it was all neat and proper
he was a true gentleman.
Winsomely she was spread
over her queen sized bed
extended an inviting hand
in high esteem he had held
yet laundry was to contend
belonging to the late friend
he declined despite inclined
the load was too big to handle
yet, a goodbye kiss was amiss
reaching out at the door handle
without even a hug or a fondle
leaving her puzzled in yonder
this should make you wonder.


We were made to think, we were selected to reign
As superior species, ruling over all other creatures
Shame was spotted on us, it came with a dressing
Leaves become garments, hiding a shameful thing
Covering the naked truth, which was so disgusting
When fire was discovered, the wheel fell into place
Swords sharpened for the kill were gladiator’s thrill
As conquests were made, winners got highly paid.

While insects grew wings we were building machines
We were able to fly beyond the clouds deep into space
The capacity to destroy Earth is now within our means
Yet, so it seams, should we entertain negative feelings 
What will follow next, may have a double edged upshot 
We shall either change our ways, embrace our sources
Or we might use up & deplete all our natural resources
We might even ruminate unleashing abominable forces
Whether we shall flourish or vanish is a matter of choice
Do you wonder if who we trust is listening to out voice?.


I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back
ecstasy turn into pitch black
within the blink of the eye.
Hot temper is hard to take
rage can erode the vessel
less you harness the feeling
with gloom you’ll be dealing.
Making use of intense passion
an abundance of pure emotion
a keenly applied potent potion
might impact the entire ocean.
Once heated, temper ignites
ruminating emotional bites
could turn a wild mood swing
into a touchy sentiment thing.
An arrow aimed by the seraph
right at the centre of the heart
once stricken by the love of art
what’s scorned may turn to love.


True friends would even risk their lives for you
The dubious friend might take your living away
Ironically the good time friends are the bad ones
Amazingly the bad time friends are the good ones
You shouldn't require a bad time to make a friend
Yet fun friends fall flat when the going gets rough
Real friends are right there when luck gets tough.


Michael Zildjan, good friend passed away
Still recuperating, it just happened today
Hard to take, such news, I heavily reject
Michael was a dear friend who deserved
One hundred golden years & much more
You are here as far as I am concerned, 
Last I saw you was half a century ago
Then I found you again on the internet
I am being told you passed away suddenly
Shocked as I am, I can also live with that
Since you’re not gone as far as I’m concerned
This must be really hard on family, condolences
For what’s worth Michael, if you would consent
May even be arranged, if we could swap places
with you my friend, I mean it, the World be my witness
I’ll be delighted, should God permit, are you listening
Lord, yes God, I’m talking to you, let’s make a deal
In good faith, could we work out a way to trade
My life for Michael’s just like that, before it’s too late
( I hear there is a 7 day grace period in metaphor )
Metamorphosis is the process I am anticipating
Should miracles be negotiated way ahead of time.