Wednesday, March 02, 2016


I am a little bit in love with death, to tell the truth
The entire concept, the idea of mortality is brilliant
I'm a patient sort, I’ve done my time, not far to go
Life isn’t half bad, although it could’ve been better
I would've also fancied wings, be able to elevate
I had it all, until I grabbed the dice and took a roll
Couldn't take it all, I took a dive rather than a fall.
I would love to embrace death as beloved friend 
I feel a quietus in my heart when I close my eyes
This incredible solitude as I single pointedly focus
With nothing in my mind, just a wholesome womb
Of departure, I should need no luggage thank you
Naked as I arrived, into the lap of mother nature
As naked I shall jump into the bosom of my lover
Until that moment comes,I should sing and dance  
Enjoy every moment of life and let go all at once
Making the best of it as long as there's a chance
In reverence, humility and a deep solitary stance
Let me open my heart, surrender all that's in me
To be, is prerequisite to not to be, the end is clear
Absolute nothingness will sooner or later be here
Until that very moment, there is reason to rejoice
Positive attitude is nothing but a matter of choice.