Sunday, February 28, 2016


Based on intuitive appraisal of auspice
as we meticulously observe the universe
while scrutinizing the necromantic effects 
of a vast cosmos playing like a puppeteer 
on the collective psyche of the inhabitants.


A moment of repose amongst fleeting visions
Quantum possibilities are under strict scrutiny
Smothering of passage as pressures are lifted
Mind cleared of clutters, crystal spotless vision
Lucid memories dreamt unfolding transparency
Focus single pointedly at path of least resistance
Revealing reverence, humility, a wide open heart
Flowing with the grain, readily following the incline
Once such conditions are met we'll greet the divine.


Much was given as a token
then again fun was taken
at once it was forsaken
as the dice was shaken
a decision was maken.
A kiss was what it took
the sucker took the hook
as was written in the book
whether by hook or by crook.


Dare I ask 
a sleeping self 
who and what 
to dream about?. 
Dare I dream
all along
why whoever
is in there
won't stop
touching me
against me
to suit them
submit to them
to serve them.
Why whoever
is in there
won't let me
I have
my earthly
for the gift
of the sight
of their charred
Layers and layers
of memory traces
in my faces
my visions
washed against
remote corners
of the mind
the faintest ideas
gather and season
to be set free
from the grasp
of reason.
Dare I ask
this lucid dreamer
If he can spare
the will to change?
With this poem
I move
into a space
I can not be
At this instance
I can slip
into a sleep
from which
I may not rise.

Friday, February 26, 2016


A riddle was put in place in the eternal cycle of change
Between feeling and form there may be an interchange
The bound yearning for freedom, which isn’t as strange 
As freedom seeking to be housed within fostered range
A paradox in motion where the inverse is making sense.


Infused into a future, stretching across eternity
From the here and now, an illusion with destiny
A beginning, an end, meanwhile given a choice
To be a number, name, having a proven identity
Or not to be anything like you’re supposed to be.


A point of view has wavering credibility
when one is approaching the hereafter,
an open mind, while yearning to dance
is coerced to take this cautious stance. 

As the inner and the outer converge
at the verge of a highly ripened age,
the butterfly that were a worm once
will have to take a equivocal chance.

Speculators are cautioned to consider 
the quantum manifests ever changing,
there can be no point in contemplating
while a first hand episode is occurring.


When you feel a person's heart
you may find love from the start
yet as you probe into their mind
you never know what you'll find.
You might want to turn the blind
simply play along yet never mind
should they turn out to be unkind
you will be betrayed from behind.