Sunday, February 21, 2016


A scribble enables the germ of an idea to attain expression 
From this deluge of abstract shapes Suboriginal art emerges
Profoundest depths of memory tapped, instincts on high alert
Opening the mind and putting it upon the scent of new thoughts
The eyes will sooner be furnished with an abundance of subjects
Conjuring those images and gradually bringing them to the surface
There is much satisfaction here, in the intense indulgence of a habit
The act of creation is merely a reflection of a hidden self deep within.


Faces within faces appear, strangely familiar images
There is no telling if my genetic memory is engaging
I scrutinize them consciously now, once they appear
Scan them into digital format, dissecting meticulously
Suboriginal is the term I have bestowed upon my art
When I am finished I release them loose to the www
They are constantly changing while I am expounding
Even afterwards they will go on changing accordingly
The state of the mind of whoever may perceive them
I am not merely the executor of my art, I live my work!.


It was a picnic, a piece of cake
In this sharing there was offering
well meaning, it was a give and take
then the wind broke in smooth fashion
blew off the candles with a gentle breeze
when the going persisted, the storm arrived
the gale got hold, the flames caught the fumes
blowing them higher, the entire place burnt down.


What is inside should also be found outside, all is in the whole 
Opposite ends of polarity converge, microcosm to macrocosm
Horizons will ultimately curve into each other at eternal stretch 
Time does not go any further, since the beginning is at the end
Accordingly, the world below should open up to worlds beyond.


I was just testing before I started flirting
She absorbed my ink without an inkling
An intriguing thing, she had me thinking
Should I not perform ducky to her liking
I might be the target of constant picking
I could be itching if she goes on teasing
She may drain me should I go bleeding
I am the epitome of perpetual bickering.