Friday, August 21, 2015


When the stone sheds its tears 
then shall emerge the fallen one 
upon itself who seems to feed 
as a snake swallowing its tail
rattling with intimate venom
as a spider crying out loud
for its own measure
of pain and pleasure
as a scorpion circled with fire
committing suicide in the dire
should be crystal clear in a while
out in the open, there’s no denial
where there’s despair there’s fire
for every creature life is a trial
there are those who won't bend
incite their fate with their hand
compelled to have the last say
you can not be force-fed all day
wake up puppet, wake up play!.


Money coated vanity, indication of insanity
which serves to disseminate this life's irony
a mundane chatter of consumerist baloney
reveals what is genuine and what is phony. 
When the air is pure, the water crystal clear
mother nature is near, birds are singing here
how could there be any doubt as to what's dear
nothing should hinder a seer, not a trace of fear.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


In astronomy we scientifically observe the universe
yet in astrology we scrutinize the psychologic effects 
while the cosmos plays like a puppeteer on the whole
we are all recipients of innumerable forms of radiance
not just the Sun and the planets but also distant stars
galaxies light years away also glimmer from far away
mysterious influences dawning from stars in the sky
all make impact on our souls, our tendencies thus
raw emotions are in motion amidst space & time
through inclines they are picked up by the mind
causing feelings that could regulate the blind
initiating a psychic climate of some kind
I just made this up, never you mind
there are many answers to find
they'll appear as we grind.


There is a reckoning cooking 
a place hidden deep in space
subtle signals reaching Earth
from a distance way up there
crop circles are an indication
stark evidence of alien action
not just far fetched deduction
first & foremost let us be real
about what this might reveal
are we in readiness to receive.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Beneath still waters
A strong undertow
The surface won't show
What deep waters know.
Why scratch the surface
Dive into it, follow the flow
The wormhole down below
Will open to worlds beyond.
We have to find courage to dare
Spare the angst, get ready to find
Tear down fences should we care
Seek out answers with open mind.



Momentary repose
avowal of discretion
an anticipated shift
polar versus bipolar
a disturbed universe
beckoning us to rise
with a tilt of our axis
over wobbling Earth
spilling out mayhem
tremors of petulance
eruption is provoked
the time is before us
beckoning departure
sign of major change
it won't sound strange
when it’s within range.