Saturday, July 25, 2015


A grotesque version of life’s discarded reverie
Conjuring Suboriginal art, just to set them free
Interactions of sharing means the World to me
www currents may deem what they seem to be
take my art for a ride for the entire World to see.


The pitiful grievances I sometimes hear 
goes through one ear but does not clear
gets stuck in the mind, therefore I fear
it may not come out from the other ear
so I wash it down with a crocodile tear.


The depth of your being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
the traits which are on the surface.
What was suppressed can be provoked
latent powers emerge once they're evoked
those dormant energies can easily be tapped
once they are detected and carefully unwrapped.
On one hand there will be many benefits to contend
yet such an intricate process should inevitably depend
on an attitude, the purpose of what a person might intend
whether it is to dominate, exterminate or correct and amend.