Sunday, June 21, 2015


Wondering deep in the ocean 
out of touch from the shore 
turned over, laid on my back 
a streaming poem beckoned me
imploring that I should turn back...
back to life.. back to the land.
Yet another voice from above
reminding me there is a home
somewhere deep down there
where my eyes can not see
there is a bed in the ocean floor
just for me, cool, crisp, lobsterly.
Suddenly the shadow of a boat
blocks the Sun from my face
they were looking for a lost log
the coast guards spotted a dog,
a poet sinking deep and deeper,
a sign, an indication of hope.
They should have let me be,
I wasn’t asking for any help!.
They won't leave you alone
in the wide open ocean.
They pull me up on deck
give me the mouth to mouth,
some call me lucky - crazy,
they interrogate thoroughly,
but I have one answer to give,
my reason drowned a while back
now resting on the ocean floor.
I was diving for some reasoning
where the lobsters are,
deep down there >>>>>>>>>>.



The futile grievance I sometimes hear 
goes through one ear but does not clear
gets stuck in the mind, sometimes I fear
it may not come out from the other ear
less I wash down the frown with a tear.


Friday, June 19, 2015


I ask myself what is my intention
why do I bother to post another
reminder of man made disaster,
will it flak the established order?.

The truth is relative to the watcher

the adept don’t listen to a preacher,

my intention is not to be a teacher,

I am simply a self abiding creature.

Just a weary passer by, sharing surmise

seeking surety, getting satisfaction thus

here now, gone tomorrow, not to surprise

could I change the World after my demise?.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


What I have so far witnessed in my life
has driven me to the idiom of the absurd
not only have I learned to laugh at things
also take amusement in playing the fool
making people laugh can be totally cool. 

The privileged fool is a fool of indulgence 
the popular fool is a fool through capacity,
excess is by no means proof of capability,
greed is no indication of a person’s ability.
I cherish humility as evidence to humanity.

I have also fooled myself that I’m not crazy
although there are times when I flip my top
hop out of mind when the scene gets hazy
planning to get to the bottom without a rope
so I don’t hang myself in case I can’t cope.



Ardor is subtle when enticed eagerly
with rapture and clarity, full heartedly,
alongside passion comes vulnerability
should it crumble, there will be no pity.
Romance in bloom, such is pure delight
must cherish beloved, hold on to it tight,
faith is liable, can be challenged by fate
fragile and delicate, should treat it right.

Monday, June 15, 2015


If you really care, evade the despair
rise from the depth, breathe fresh air
the burden you bare is not even there
spare the angst, you are not being fair
to yourself you owe an enchanting affair.