Sunday, June 14, 2015


Our life is like a kind of journey where 
the landscape fosters a different view 
from that which was presented at first 
changes again and again till the end
we often find something else to wish
something better, some permanence
that we often find on a different path 
than the one which starts our pursuit
Instead of finding what was expected 
pleasure, happiness, joy, satisfaction
we acquired experience and insight
which is a real and permanent thing
far better than illusions ever fleeting.


Money coated vanity, a set form of insanity
which serves to disseminate this life's irony
such mundane talk as consumerist baloney
reveals what is genuine and what is phony. 
When the air is pure, the water crystal clear
mother nature near, birds love singing here
there should be no doubt as to what is dear
clear recognition does not hinder the seer.



When taking a dive from the lucid into the deep 
keep on going until you surface from your sleep
as you slip into a conscious state of awakening 
you can day dream for the lack of a better thing.


Alarming wake up call 
promptly intercepted
sophisticated methods 
applied by spying oglers
in removing a message
like a thread from butter.
Blinders briskly fluttered
blinkers keenly adjusted
orders promptly released
over draconian quarters
to locate loose roosters
disobeying strict orders.
Fractured are relations
among differing nations
rigid oligarchic vestiges
exploit devious schemes
harbor morbid intentions
contrary to what it seems.
Ruthlessly inflicted pain
might be applied again
as sabers rattle in vain
all tyrants stand to gain
in conflicts gone insane
merely shambles remain.



Lucid dreaming alongside daydreaming 
one is facing down, the other facing up
like floating on the surface of the water
turning around from upside to downside.

Flip flop like a coin spinning in the air

one side gets sunlight the other a shade

like a dreamer witnessing an awakening

the coalescing of the inner and the outer.



At the negation of inherent existence 
the mind is emptied in dire container
a head so clear when turned around
washed out of any evidence of doubt.
Nothingness is where all this sprouts
embrace emptiness, cherish solitude
stillness of mind can disperse clouds
open the heart wide, bear no attitude.



Sooner or later a need for change emerges
must reconsider values, make adjustments
stakes can be lowered, the course altered
a new person reborn with mind wide open
might as well be the change one is hoping
that should put an end to the futile coping.


Flip your coin high into the sky
when it is still spinning in the air
you'll realize which side you care
the other might as well go to hell.


On a table of roulette a fast feast has been laid
the famished are being offered an enticing bait
by means of the wheel spin a spurious promise
losers with bulging eyes are a subject to demise
they have been wiped out as the oracle can tell
predicting just about all that is about to prevail
when bettors push their luck they end up in jail
compulsive gamblers left with their soul to sell.




Long story short, thus a lucid day dream
I have been through ambiguous streets
Sleepwalking fingers, with pen in hand
Long and narrow, can not see the end
I have not been a beholder of a trend
I keep searching for a long lost friend
who passed away touching my hand
there is a message I wanted to send
with my hand so he can understand.