Sunday, May 17, 2015


It is delusive to command total respect

unreasonable to expect such an aspect

except when we accept the unacceptable,

this paradox also deserves some respect.

Could you respect humility, vanity, cruelty

can you respect insanity, not without pity.

Absolution of respect starts with yourself

clear acceptance of the darkest regions.

What can be more deserving of respect

than being true to yourself in all aspects

being able to share yourself accordingly

with everybody, is this too much to expect.

The life of a suspect has a shady prospect

knowing one's self is imperative for sanity

chicanery don’t command my due respect

honourability is the resolution of humanity.

Discover what the surface can not show

understanding is a prerequisite to know

as one could grow flowing with the grain

rhyme and reason, takes care of the pain.


A point of view could be a serious liability 
when a person is approaching the future.
An objective view should have to consider 
all possibilities concurrently in the hither.
When a first hand experience is occurring
whatever imagination may render possible
might be feasible in eternal time and space.


Saturday, May 16, 2015


The pitiful grievances I sometimes hear 
goes through one ear but does not clear
gets stuck in the mind, therefore I fear
it may not come out from the other ear,
I have to forsake the pain with a tear.


Friday, May 15, 2015


When we look at material bodies 
we see shapes of solid things
not an illusion in a real sense
variations in structure of space 
appearing in a physical phase.

Particles are not as they are
all was given to us as a whole 
not one here and another there 
subject and object are simply one
this will manifest once we're done.

A barrier was not broken down 
such an obstacle never existed
the outer, the inner are present
opposites curve into each other
in the infinity of time and space.

We need to have blind faith to range
the will power required for a change
since we carry in the dormant stage
the latent forces we inherently have
which we end up taking to our grave.



Intelligence is an open wound, treat it with wisdom
cunning is the by-product, can be schemed at random.
What is truly from the heart, enthrallment for empathy
could be brutally squandered by condescending apathy.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Here is moving past 
the ageing sorrow 
to kick the bucket 
scare the chickens 
who fouled the waters 
with steroid pollute. 
I swallowed enough
while still at school.

With bloodshot eyes 
I salute you all, 
in raging fury 
am a little dreary, 
here comes the ball 
I kick it abrupt
I kick it high 
to score a goal 
right into the sky.
Let me ask you why
 you ate the cow
 before I figured how
 to drink the milk?.
I am on my way
 to the forgotten land
where they dish the news
 in tomahawk scraps.

It has been a while

since I caught this bug,
reluctant to leave
without a hug.
The brass is shifting
in gushes of denial,
they'll be smuggling
the Sphinx in a while.
Ancient nation drifting
right down the Nile.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I have been experiencing fits of automatic scribbling
when the hand grabs a pen, fingers move erratically
no conscious direction, vigorously scribbling on paper
instantly words of unknown origin rushing through ink
devoid of meaning, only what the looker is perceiving
it is like being a medium of extra sensory channeling.



I have been blustering a point of view
loud and clear, I’m saying what is due
freedom of expression coming through
the butt is exposed, neck is on the line 
I'll take my chances, hope that'll be fine
I have no intention to engender a crime
no point in me beating around the bush
I speak out my mind, don't need a push.


The depth of your being

encompasses hidden forces

with the potential of expanding

the traits which are on the surface.

What was suppressed can be provoked

latent powers emerge once they're evoked

those dormant energies can easily be tapped

once they are detected and carefully unwrapped.

On one hand there will be many benefits to contend

yet such an intricate process should inevitably depend

on an attitude, the purpose of what a person might intend

whether it is to dominate, exterminate or create and amend.



We often communicate as we fail to realize we are mis-communicating 
Even in the simplest terms it is a matter of expressing and interpreting
Beneath the veil of the surface facade there is the language of signs
Gestures and tones, familiarity with the person, and the subject helps
To understand a true feeling and also relate to what the other is saying.
Mostly people appear to communicate just to avoid trivial arguments
While there are others who force communication with a gun at hand
We all know two times two makes four & two plus two makes sense
Hence we conduct conversation not as communication but pretence.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Layers upon layers as my memory traces

fading faces within faces of distant places

many lucid visions have been squandered

washed against remote corners of my mind 

where the faintest ideas gather and season

longing to be set free from the grasp of reason.

My roots have been severed, my shoots crushed

my memory comes and goes, I walk on my toes

my feet are slippery, I am behaving rather jittery.

I sleep well though, I witness myself in dreams

barely a child, still in diapers, licking my fingers

yet I can easily climb a tree, I feel so gingerly free

being exactly me, carefree, like it was meant to be.

When I wake up though, as my eyes catch a mirror

all of a sudden I am faced by a disturbing reminder

there must be an error here, I know not this stranger

a vexing feeling catches me off guard, I’m in danger

threatened by time, it is my fright that I have to fight

that's when I sink into blue ink, bite my lips and write

what I might think does not necessarily incite delight

I may be intending to banish all mirrors from my sight.

Monday, May 11, 2015


A repose amongst fleeting visions
at an interval, a moment, an instance,
in a flash it goes, as though it never was
but something was captured, an impression,
which alters perception, accordingly a conception.
What appears is only relative to instantaneous capture,
as infinite possibilities are instigated at a moment's rapture.