Monday, February 09, 2015


There is a lack of transparency
which makes the World affairs
dubiously flawed, dark and ugly
whistle blowing is the tendency.

This skillful game of deception
considered as adept diplomacy
which is an essential ingredient 
in the established politic fallacy.

The power of crude brute authority
will now be diminishing really fast
the game of war is played digitally
on the web, with computers at last.

We must put an end to this trend
which has taken us to the very end
let us understand before we intend
the future of man is hard to defend.

The only way out is eternal peace
must stop fighting to achieve this
which is only possible if we cease
to incite conflicts as we so please.


Layers upon layers of memory traces
Peeled like skin as removed from flesh
Meticulous, not a drop of blood spilled
Smooth as a close shave on rough face
Longing to share some canny thoughts
With icing on top, there might be hope
Fur crawled from underneath the skin
There is no telling what's hidden within
There’s plenty more where it has been
Why just pretend as though never seen
You can read it right here on the screen.



Spinning in the span of time
like there were no tomorrows
centered in the here and now
jubilant, not a trace of sorrow
indicating how free life can be
when there is no step to follow.