Sunday, February 01, 2015


The established order is all about survival
the prey will resist and the shark will insist
this has been the way so far, continuously.

We are at the threshold of a major change
the entire World can now casually interface
much of the secret has risen to the surface
anybody can now participate in cyberspace
beyond division of nation, religion,and race
beyond selling products or winning the race
the world wide web is the alternative space.
The age of sharing is the outcome of caring
If we are willing, this will take some daring.

Project Underdog - Accordingly Unfolding


Interaction - Participation - Synchronicity

The presence of your self in cyberspace

with animated, full functioning capability

within parallel self induced virtual reality.

Total participation in a cyber space affair

where you function in an alternative way

roaming at your will all over the internet

with the voice, personality, of a real self.

Can our dreams be realized distinctly 

we could make this possible in a way.


The purpose of society is to cultivate
a full flowering of the individuals within it. 
To put the society before the individual 
is to confuse ends and means. 
The ultimate mission of us all who are
the living human residents of planet Earth
is to prepare the basis for life to sprout
within a loving,caring, friendly environment.
The large majority of humanity today
are still deprived, most also in denial
they still believe they own their children
authoritatively enforcing their beliefs
convictions and bias onto the new generation.
We are custodians for ‘the children of mankind’.
each and every one of us should be here with open hearts
open arms and best intentions for those who have no voice.
The beloved is emerging each time a child is born
It must be a celebration, our most genuine observance
to help children of mankind to rise to their potentials.
We are not a finished process, we have the capacity
to deliver a clean, civilized, enlightened generation.
This is the challenge of the spirit, our innermost requisite.
We could make true civilization if we experience a change
of heart and cease to feel separate from one another.



It is rather strange that people who have less are happier in general
I wonder why, is it because their attitude makes up for the difference?
In the absence of material things the soul finds more room to breathe
There is an inherent danger, materialism will also enslave the subject
Needing more is an indication of an absence, greed fulfills this action
Promotion of the consumerist boloney is a bogus bankable indication
The space between survival and indulgence is of distinct importance
Based on this foundation, the challenge will be to maintain a balance.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


When I came to this life
nobody told me to breathe
I just took a breath
all on my own
did the breathe take me?

I have journeyed this life

for over half a century

taking a breath in

and letting it out

I still have a doubt

if I shall stop to breathe


the breath will leave me?.


Lucid dreaming alongside daydreaming 
one is facing down, the other facing up
like floating on the surface of the water

turning around from upside to downside.
Flip - flop like a coin spinning in the air
one side gets sunlight the other a shade

like a dreamer witnessing an awakening

the coalescing of the inner and the outer.


Unintentional drawings not only reveal 
the hidden aspects of an artist's vision
but what is also buried deep in the seer
as we recognize ourselves in one other.

Inner being has extrasensory presence
subliminally residing inside one's mind
emerge without conscious deliberation
as scribbles reflect the inner presence.


Silent moment in reverie
making use of the muse.
Alert as a deft warrior, 
courteous as a pilgrim,
fluid as melting ice,
clear as crystal water,
hollow like a bamboo,
let the wind play you.
Have patience to wait
for the mud to settle.
Keep still like a rock.
dump the banality,
witness the reality,
let truth emerge
out of actuality.