Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The live presence of your self in cyberspace
an interactive, right on line attained reality
with animated, full functioning capability
in this parallel self induced cyber setting.

Full participation in a virtual reality affair

where you can function in an alternate way

roaming at your will all over cyberspace

with the voice, personality of the real self.

Can dreams be realized in a distinct way?

This is possible, we shall navigate the way.


When I am completely immersed in the spur of the moment
With intuition as the guide rather than premeditated intention
I can inherently submerge into the depth of lucid transparency
Where visions appear briskly in an ardent ambience of cognition.


It does not have to be a secret to spread
besides with whom do you care to share
who can cope with it, who wouldn't dare
to really give a darn, most certainly care
about the truth regarding why and where
we're sharing this moment now and here
the premise to unconditional trust is near.

Consider for an instant, everything in the open
in total transparency, we can see through it all
fibs have nowhere to hide, nothing can escape
all is in clarity, precisely revealed as the whole
the herds have been in total darkness for ages
abruptly exposed to much blinding illumination
should they not handle it, there'll be damnation.