Friday, October 24, 2014


Everyone wants to be happy, but some want it the hard way
Taking a bath in one's sorrow may be painful but is a cleanser
The artificial smiles, laughter and ha ha's don't make one happier
When peace and tranquility is attained, harmony settles effortlessly
To achieve such relief one has to scratch the surface even if it bleeds.


The depth of your being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
the traits which are on the surface.
Natural dormant energies are tapped
what was suppressed is now provoked
arcane latent powers emerge when evoked
deposed at the disposal of quantum perception
the choice to make may lead one to self deception
on one hand, success and rewards are in projection
there are enough choices depending on your intention.



The roar of a crowd in a jam-packed stadium
as the excitement builds, the impact of a goal
in a game where the throng hungers for score
the outburst of an intense thundering uproar
captivated spectators dispense psychic frenzy
screaming their guts out in hysterical ecstasy
waves of emotional energy released instantly
captured proficiently in cutting edge scrutiny
once harnessed, this could be easily accessed
downloaded into a device for beneficial usage
may conceivably transform into clean energy
as alternative power source for an emergency.


When separate entities can be friends
despite differences they inherited in life
beyond religions, nations, gender, race
tradition, custom, conditioning and place.
When the individual,the spirit,the person
can embrace another without any bother
see the differences as guiltless attributes
will indiscriminately enhance one another.