Sunday, August 24, 2014


Time is like knowledge infinite, there is always more
but not your time, you are a condemned shapeshifter
take a break if you could, go with the grain, surf with it
freedom you have acquired by far surpasses the given
should you reach for Heaven, Earth's riches bewitch you
the more luggage acquired the more loaded is the journey
travel light my friend, you'll need to ascend at the end.


The initiation is brief
thoroughly executed
swiftly implemented
scrupulously injected
into eager consumers.

Soldiers of misfortune
cerebrum whitewashed
cleared from intuition
a current version of
concurrent software
intricately planted
into biased minds.

Solid loyalty established
unconditional obedience
to pre-conceived master
the manufactured drone
in blood flesh and bone
planning a suicidal task
far, far away from home.

A state of the art, intact
will blow up in contact
as a matter of fact
martyr of hallowed act
in unswerving docility
positioned accordingly.
Fanatically coated policy
a state of bigoted zealotry
in haunting perplexity
an indubitably great pity
is unacceptable to some
but it is just a matter of time
for this international crime
the shape of things to come.



Humanity is guilty of total complacency amongst other things
Observing ourselves objectively will lead us to the realization
The consumer products that tickle our fancy have no morality
We should understand that freedom requires responsibility
Only few give a darn, the economy, profitability is the priority
Most people become depressed when they scratch the surface
Ignorance is bliss when human beings have no mind of their own
We act like we own planet Earth just because we have the power
To destroy civilization we do not need the thermo nuclear arsenals
We do it bit by bit, slow and indiscrete, amusement is all we need
Should we realize we have a reason to agonize, we might scrutinize
The stewardship of the planet, it's ecosystems and natural resources
Is our major responsibility, an obligation which trumps human rights
Neglecting our foremost homage, abusing nature carries a huge price
Which might turn out to be nothing short of forfeiture of the right to life.



When we look at material objects 
we see the shapes of solid bodies
just the appearance of substance
the variations of structure in space 
only an illusion but not the essence.

Particles are not as they seem to be
merely diversities of a whole entity
not one here and another one there
subject and object are in total unity
not distortions of man made reality.

A barrier has not been broken down
such an obstacle never ever existed
outer and the inner are coalescing
the opposites curve into each other
within the infinity of time and space.

Faith is the trust that may generate
the will power required for a change
since we carry in the dormant stage
potent latent forces of a total range
which can take us to a better place.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Traces of verse were sprinkled in between the lines
the poet and entourage had less than nothing to say
not a single drop of rhythm was spilled over the poem
tempo was assumed once the dormant note was aroused.


An old friend had a massive heart attack
they called me from the hospital, I rushed
he was a heavy smoker, they had to bypass
he looked pale and exhausted, worried I was
'Is there anything I can do for you''.…. I asked
'get me a cigarette' he pleaded, 'I am dying for one'
the following poem was inspired by such a remark.

The contrast between
high thinking and low living
measured in cigarette butts,
meanwhile time is running in
and running out…
In & out, in & out 
In ironic opposition
things are evolving
after all he's still breathing
and smoking and kicking
the king of the time being
will soon be choking!.
As we sit and stare
at time running out
one more cigarette
is what this is all about,
we do not have to
rave and shout
but on this issue
we have no doubt
that if he quits
he is in
or else
he is out!.


Monday, August 18, 2014


He was in a straight jacket
lying face down on a bench
as he saw me his eyes lit up
started whispering a poem
I could hardly hear him
I moved my ear to his lips.

The house is open
Yellow leaves blow through the door
The picture I paint is the one I can't
Passport to my heart.

The phone is off the hook
Tokyo, New York, Istanbul on the line
The word I say is the one I couldn't
Passport to my heart.

My instrument is on the table
Time like a pool at my feet
The move I make is the one I wouldn't
Passport to my heart.

My back is to the door
Whoever you wish to be I trust you
The name I call is the one I don't
Passport to my heart.


Why, why...
Oh why 
bother to deny 
all that has been 
laid by you so far.
You have after all 
the makings 
of a specimen 
which has 
a track record,
as a string of lies,
like a violin
and over again,
there is 
no more
From now on 
you are my
- X -
this is
- Y -
I M.



One leg with the past
the other in the future
centred at the present
torn apart in the heart.



Been there and back
had a nap on the way
was thinking of you
as you climb out
of the dark side 
and fool moon me
out of the blue
my tides come out
and only you
can pull them in
as if it were
a piece of cake.
For Fax sake 
I am knees at your feet
grab the leftover meat
I may be beat
but still good to eat.



A tender embrace followed by a sudden punch

gently caressing the ass, brutally kicking the arse

the kiss on the cheek, chased by a slap of the face

the process of easing the tension by oozing the pain

the sad thing is there is much animosity in this activity

humanity is guilty of revealing such dubious depravity.