Friday, August 08, 2014


An angel fell from the sky
with a big splash
into the ocean of my dreams.
My tides came up,
waves hitting
the shores of my mind,
this was a wet dream
sweat, tears and more.
She was sinking fast
I dove deep
grabbed her by the hair
held her in my arms
gave her the mouth to mouth.
I woke up soaking wet
drenched in steaming sweat
missing the dream I had
went right back to bed.



I have been blustering my point of view
loud and clear, declaiming what is due
freedom of expression coming through
the butt is exposed, neck is on the line 
I'll take my chances, hope that'll be fine
I do not intend to beat around the bush
just speak out my mind without a push.


There are well known tyrants directly responsible for the disasters of this decade.
There has been an impediment of justice, a painful portrayal of the present situation.
Despite their obvious identities, power still remains in the hands of vicious criminals.
Destroying the life of innocent civilians does not eliminate terrorism, on the contrary
Such actions promote violence, which has been the favourite subject of newscasters.
Missiles have been raining on unguarded people as households view on TV screens.
Computerized toys, gadgets, war games are what young consumers are demanding,
Justifying this with national pride, despots are playing ball at the expense of us all.
Those cycles have been repeating throughout human history, there's reason to worry,
Persisting with the same kind of mentality will turn civilization into ancient history. 
This scenario needs to change, should warfare prevail, this Earth will become hell. 
Corporate greed is an economical need, the armaments business is booming indeed,
War has proven to be the solution for combating an intentionally devised depression,
What the future has in store would be the result of such ruthless national aggression.
The brass will just execute the tall orders, drones and robots will become brave soldiers.
Machines have no conscience, they could destroy the aged also the innocent toddlers.
Humanity needs to get rid of heinous monsters who are dishing out ruthless orders.
It is futile to hide behind boarders, there's no place fit on Earth for uncaring hoarders.