Thursday, June 19, 2014


Let me lay it out clear for you
there is such a thing as spelling
good or bad there can be no telling
unless you're looking for some meaning.

The wrong spelling of a precious word
is like the clumsy spilling of vintage wine
I have put a powerful spell on my spelling
if it is potent, there will be hidden meaning.



I have been blustering my point of view
in an explicit manner saying what is due
freedom of expression is a way of mine
the butt is exposed, neck is on the line 
I'll take my chances, hope that'll be fine
I have no intention to engender a crime.

So far I have beaten around the bush
soon after I have spoken I will go shush.


Politically correct jargon, scheme oriented

with spiritual coating, intelligent marketing

polished,candy coated and tongue delivered

self serving adulation forwardly positioned

with smile, handshake and pat on the back

smart selection of words geared to pamper

signed,sealed and endorsed in jolly temper.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Skinny dip
A feast of memories 
tiny bits, mega stories
spread all over the mind
tasty bites, delicious eats
thoughts of the spicy kind
all first hand historic treats.

Some memos are terribly tough 
just because they have had it rough
skinny dip your fingers in the sauce
as you get deeper you will find a cause
which has since been hardened, I suppose
choose a happy one, is what I could propose.



As the shifting of the poles, the grand alignment proceeds
We are thus projecting a wish, a resolution, an affirmation
The prophecies from numerous sources point the present
Metamorphosis is at hand, to be a butterfly rather than fry.

We beseech the heavens for total transformation on Earth
Let truth on all levels be revealed, crystal clear, undeniable
Channels of telepathy opening up, extra sensory awakening
When we can read each others minds, no small talk prevails.

We do not need any secrets or lies, clear and transparent
Such is our best wishes for mankind, a wholesome integrity
So far it has been the game of the big fish eating the small
Nature's way may also change, the strong nurture the week.

Justice will become possible only when we sincerely seek
Otherwise we shall keep on sailing in a vessel with a leak 
Until we become so sick that we are clearly unable to think
This boat is either going to paradise or it will ultimately sink.


Monday, June 16, 2014


Layers and layers of memory traces on faces
washed out impressions from far out places
a lot of lucid dreams have been squandered 
washed against remote corners of my mind 
where the faintest ideas gather and season
striving to escape from the grasp of reason.

My mind has been tempered with, I forget easy
my feet are slippery, each struggling to be free
my balance comes and goes, I walk on my toes
I sleep well though, I often see myself in reverie
seeing through a pair of eyes I bring for dreams
holding on to a vision which is never as it seems.