Sunday, April 27, 2014


A point of view can be a serious liability 
while one is approaching the hereafter.
The coalescing of the inner and the outer 
changes the nature of perception further.
An objective view might have to consider 
all possibilities concurrently in the making
when a first hand experience is occurring.


Saturday, April 26, 2014


Tread gently, I'm only a lucid dreamer
half asleep, half awake, easy to wake
but not so easy to take, for your sake
If you break into this sleeper's thoughts
should you find a dream of such a kind
it might drive you right out of your mind.


When I look at material bodies 
I see the shapes of solid things
not an illusion in the real sense
variations in structure of space 
appearance of physical aspects.
Particles aren't what they seem to be
the World is given to me as a whole
not one here and another one there.
Subject and object are simply one
that is my experience at this time.
The barrier has not been broken down
such an obstacle never ever existed.
I keep on sinking while I am thinking
as I vigorously scratch my temple
to get to the bottom of this thing.
I need to have blind faith in myself
to be able to generate the will power
dormant at the bottom of my heart,
since I know, that is what it takes
to turn my intense visions into art.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Consciousness is everywhere like the air we breathe
assuming the heart is a pumping generator of motion
constantly prompting a life force empowering emotion
an abundance of love, like the waves of a vast ocean.

The brain through which intelligence can enter the mind
a place where awareness can be obtained of some kind
beneath the surface, beyond boundaries one could find
an invisible presence, presiding over the spiritually blind.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


While humanity grows more and more powerful
There seem to be more distress, less happiness
Such is the outcome of reckless use of capacity.
Should we indulge in a thorough extensive inquiry
We shall encounter that in the absence of modesty
Cleverness will bring about the vanity of arrogance.

The ego, where all desires and cravings are seated
Enslaves the native to the yearning lust of the self
Consequently confusion could supersede adversity
What appears highly evolved is subject to apathy.
Glory goes to the master of honesty and integrity
Who can bring the whole self into righteous unity.


Art and poetry are ways we turn the inner into the outer
in so doing we are able to create and explore further
there is something about spontaneous online sharing
which gives the World wide web live virtual interaction
we are at the tip of a potential cyberspace expansion.