Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sophisticated methods used by spying oglers

Picking the message like a thread from butter

Beware of the devil disguised as a dark angel

In a matter of moments blinds were fluttered

Orders were released to locate loose roosters

An eyebrow was raised, beaks were tightened

Relations were fractured in draconian quarters

Distinctly oligarchic vestiges facing extinction

Nerves were sharpened, sabers rattled in vain

As dust settled like snowfall upon a lost cause

Streaming herds were alerted to take their cue

From robotic demagogues who were long due

Such is the state of scorched communication

Conveyed as document of bizarre ramification.


Thursday, February 13, 2014


Dead of night
not a soul in sight
going back a while
if I looked up high
as I passed you by
in a darkened sky
without a decent 'hi'
the reason why
was not because
dust got in my eye
just wanted to deny
a taxing goodbye.



The desire of being loved as the one and the only
has been placed deep in the marrow of the bone
such a persistent wish all humans inherently have
rather than universal love, a blessing for everyone
this yearning of being the uniquely exclusive love
can hardly ever be attained but merely entertained.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Intelligence is an open wound, handle it with wisdom
cunning is the by-product, when required, it will act.
What is truly from the heart, the capacity for sympathy
can be savagely squandered by condescending apathy.


As simple an act as eliminating fear by generating love
a matter of believing in it, that this could be attainable
the truth becomes apparent when the inner sky is clear
only when all together at the same moment we would
keep the minds well aligned and the hearts wide open
we needn't be coping because we would be happening.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Beneath still waters there is a strong undertow
facade won't show what the deep waters know.
Don't just scratch the surface, move through it
the world below will lead up to worlds beyond.
Should open the uncharted with an open mind
much better not to know what you might find.


The moment of repose amongst fleeting visions
secret possibilities eyed under virtuous scrutiny
smothering of passage, the easing of pressures
mind cleared of clutters, an indication of sanity
spotless memories recalled in full transparency
a deep understanding of a meaningful tendency
stretching, expanding to inconceivable eternity
each trace of reality illuminated under new light
we should get to the bottom of this, if we might.