Sunday, January 12, 2014


I jumped out of a crazy dream
my heart beating way too fast
I have arrived here going past
what is present was seen last.

A snowball rolling down a slope
picking up speed, accelerating
gaining size, growing and glowing
swallowing everything on it's path.

Suddenly an amazing thing happened
since I had been running out of time
I automatically stretched the momentum
while more speed was being gathered.

A latent potent dream kicked into action
I was traveling in time through a suction
back and forth in a moment of a fraction
what I saw was the future, not just fiction.

Manifesting instant as my eyes opened
the dream that I had just experienced
protruded with the hardened landing
ahead of me in a projected standing.

I caught up with an envisioned future
unfolding beneath this lucid dream
a reversal of a 'de ja vu' manifesting
while I am being in the here and now.

Where I shall be arriving in due course
I have already adopted as my resource
which is the basis of such a discourse
since I took a peek into a future source.


Thursday, January 09, 2014


The grotesque vision of a life's discarded reverie
alienated from the cultural root, wanting to be free
holding on to the body, eyes wide open but can't see
the soul has taken to ether, yet the mind won't let it be
paradox in action, clinging to genetic memory tenaciously
psyche striving for change, as the ghost persists imminently
the spirit rising in anticipation but unable to leave permanently
such a state of disturbance to be handled with kid gloves, gently.



Reason - Loving the right thing.
Purpose - Seeking the right thing.
Intelligence - Distinguishing the right thing.
Wisdom - Questioning the right thing.
Knowledge - Understanding the right thing.
Morality - Feeling the right thing. 
Righteousness - Being the right thing.
Ethics - Doing the right thing.

In search of the right thing;
first you eliminate all the wrong things
then you illuminate the remaining.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Power hungry psychopaths still remain in control
although they have no clue they are standing tall
what goes up in an instant is bound to take a fall
let us hope this will not be the undoing of us all.


Let us face it, we arrive alone and we depart on our own
meanwhile, if we are fortunate, we shall not be lonely.
Life on Earth with loving friends and family is precious,
money is also a major factor, so is health, love and luck.
The things we encounter are chances, our experiences.
For most people life is survival, only a minority are free
to live happily with success and prosperity is a blessing.
Some dare escape, most out of fear, few have the courage
however many folk will say there is meaning in their lives.
Most people can only take their cues from outside sources,
fortunate are those who have a flame burning deep inside.

Monday, January 06, 2014


One eyebrow raised higher than the other
we do not wish to take this matter further
unless one has the will power, why bother
either we shall vanish or become tougher.
Must reconsider values make adjustments
stakes can be lowered, the course altered
a new person reborn with mind wide open
might as well be the marvel one is hoping.