Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Beneath still waters
There is a strong undertow
The surface won't show
What the deep waters know.

Scratch the surface
and dive through it
the depth below
leads to worlds beyond.


We 'quantum leap' over many inner worlds
to arrive to the great spaces of the mind
here we have a vast sensation of space
reaching beyond conceivable limits.

Monday, December 02, 2013


Artist's statement
My art emerges impetuously
without deliberate intention  
not a single stroke is foreseen  
all dictated by instant impulses  
faintest tremblings of signals  
from the depth of my being.  
What proceeds is the surfacing
of unpremeditated imagery,  
this is a mode of expression  
that fully satisfies the eye  
by achieving rhythmic unity.  
What counts is the spontaneous  
my drawings become what they are  
like in poetry the tempo takes over 
the lines and forms rhyme  
striving to become animated.  
This is all constantly changing 
in the process of being created  
when it is over it goes on changing  
according to the state of mind 
the point of view of the perceiver.
I am not merely an executor
I love my work, I live my art!.