Sunday, November 10, 2013


Here is a place where the unsaid will find voice
in more than just small talk and obscure noise
such precise wording will be a matter of choice 
all said and done there will be grace and poise.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Having taken a meticulously obscured peek
at the unwary creatures of the local pasture
big brother has been deemed to be a sneak
which can bring about the ultimate rupture
of a dubiously constructed bogus structure
since the whistleblower who revealed a leak
has taken hasty departure to avoid capture.

As the story goes there has been a valid cause
to feel uneasy, suspicious, even angry because
there is a breach of promise which does arouse
a good reason to be weary of entrusted spouse
who has brought about the wreckage of the house
which endangers the natives, even the local mouse.



Consciousness is ever present, like the air we breathe
assuming the heart is the crown throne of emotion
the beat, the locomotion, the ability to have love
like the air, assured of abundant eternal existence
a heart can breathe pure love when given such a seat.
The brain in which intelligence resides of some kind
is a place where consciousness is received by the mind
beneath the surface, beyond boundaries one may find
an invisible presence unaware of the fate which awaited
a being which until it randomly manifested was negated
creatures cured and conjured as they were being created.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


When the stone sheds its tears
then shall emerge the fallen one 
upon itself who seems to feed
like a snake swallowing its own tail. 
Circled by a lovers venom
the scorpion crying out loud
for a contained measure
of pain and pleasure.
Caught in a web of schemes
struggling hard to brake loose
from the faith who didn't choose
a destiny whose cause it seems
is based in far fetched dreams.



I walked straight through the gate
approached the lost and found 
asked if there was a battered soul
in dire condition, hanging around.
I was immediately apprehended
concerning subversive activities
interrogated by dubious devices
once cleared of ulterior motives
taken to undisclosed location
where I spotted the lost soul
out of control, crying  foul
I have found thyself after all.


Layers and layers of memory traces 
faces within faces in distant places
my visions have been squandered 
washed against corners of my mind
where I am able to remember blind
what I can not find in a clear mind
such is the kind of invisible vision
where insights gather and season
to loosen from the grasp of reason.