Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Suboriginal Art - Automatism with an edge
Between abstraction & psychic expression 
the surface becomes a place for conjuring images
Primitive - Modern; from the caves to the stars
raw material expanded to refined civilization
the interval between the past and the future
rendered as a quantum perceivable procedure.

We skin dive through our dreams
into the ocean of the mind
where primordial elements are prevalent
here, our genetic memory is at our fingertips
our eyes are open, they guide the hands
not an instant of hesitation
in the absence of premeditation
not a single stroke can be foreseen.

As hands move without conscious direction
over a blank sheet of paper
spontaneous imagery emerges
as though through a trance
a mode of lucid day dreaming
with eyes open as in sleepwalking.

The depth of our being encompasses
dormant powers as hidden forces
with the potential of increasing those
which are apparently on the surface.

Suboriginal art is a means of capturing
in order to submit them if necessary
to the scrutiny of our reasoning
hence, exploring and expanding
with the aid of cutting edge tools
to the satisfaction of artistic merit.



A passionate plea
Ardor is subtle when taken in gullibility
with purity, innocence and also naivety 
alongside passion, comes vulnerability
should it crumble, there will be no pity
romance in bloom, such is pure delight
must cherish beloved to keep it in sight
faith is delicate, can be creamed by fate
so strong yet fragile, should treat it right.


Fur Beneath the Skin
A feast of memories 
little bites of hot stories
spread out all over a table
tasty mind bits, delicious eats
those are for real not just a fable
no hidden meaning, facts in the raw
cold cuts, roasted nuts, plenty of toast
also the well cooked, somewhat overlooked
a bagger's banquet you shouldn't get spooked
there are some too spicy which may tackle fancy
not a drop of blood is spilled, here is the real deal
no need to steal, you could eat as much as you will
some memos may be tough just because they're rough
skinny dip your fingers in the abundance of exotic sauces
as you get deep and deeper you may say enough is enough
there was fur under the skin in some places that I have been.


End of the Line
All there is left is just a thread
separating me from all of you
I am holding on to the very end
of the gap between black and blue.
Before I let go let me make a go
"one more kiss if you please".
I might as well loonie this loop
and reach out at standing words
before they all get stranded.
I am all ears at this second calling
a bottle rolling empty on the floor
has served as a drop of sustenance
reserved for such a dire occasion.
Should I disturb this rioting silence
my insertion is out of the very need
to command a demanding attention.
My intervention is a last ditch effort
to loosen up this gathering tension.
Should you still have a reservation
close your lips, don't even mention.


The Price of Authenticity
Getting rid of the phoney self is not an easy task
It has taken years to develop a convincing mask
Such safety measures must be taken just to bask
Why can't we all be living in the nude, dare I ask?.

The conditioning takes place at an early age
People are groomed to dress up stage by stage
Shame if you do not cover your private place
Being bare naked in public will cause outrage.

Who says so, and why is everyone staying in line?
After all we arrive with just our skin from the divine
Being shy, proud or ashamed is no problem of mine
I envy the animals, natural, genuine and so sublime.

There are laws to punish so called indecent behaviour 
In certain religions such conduct causes violent furor
Adam and Eve and the leaf are the established belief
Being true to one's birthright is beyond sobering relief.

Some female folk are forced to cover even their head
Others are forced to hide their body or they are dead
Much absurdity in religious dogma, is this not really sad
If people ignore the rules they are condemned to be bad.

I would like to be not just naked but also transparent 
Which would make me so vulnerable, this is apparent
Although I would like to be my true self in any event
In this World as it stands, I would be a terrible parent.