Sunday, June 16, 2013


An on the spot appraisal
We are a blessing upon Earth, we were made to think
we are such a superior species to all the other creatures
shame was bestowed upon us, it came with a dressing
leaves become garments, fashion was the civilized thing
we invented fire and then the wheel, progress was made
weapons were refined, the ability to kill, even got a thrill.

While insects grew wings we learned to build the machines
we are able to fly. up the sky, to the Moon, Saturn.. higher
capacity to destroy this entire planet, is within our means
we have now achieved the distant possibilities of our dreams
so it seams, but what seems ailing is our intimate feelings
we are starting to drone and to clone to attain godly things.

What will follow next, for this we need no pretext
we will either shake loose from the unnatural abuse
or we shall use up and deplete all our natural resources, 
still resorting to violence, applying unreasonable forces
such is the process we are at this moment living through
we shall either become whole or break apart and crumble.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Soldier of Fortune

Staying alive until you die is a bit of a problem
when you take things for granted you get shafted
once in the bucket you become a part of the racket
for the sake of money get ready to destroy the honey
so you have to become a phony chewing on the boloney
with every life you take you help the oppressor precipitate
you could always stop your pillage before it becomes too late
you are as good as dead but still kicking is what's so sickening.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Crab grab
By the looks of it
the indigenous crabs
demand satisfaction
prier to destruction.

When the tide is in
and the time is high
crustaceans gather
for their favored ride.

Worm hole opened wide
eggs hatched side by side
deep inside the sand slide
with nowhere else to hide.

Birds above will take a dive
to have their delicious bite
only those out of sight
will be able to save their hide.


Thursday, June 13, 2013



Traces of verse were found in between the lines
the poet and entourage had less than nothing to say
not a single drop of rhythm was spilled over the poem
tempo was assumed after the dormant note was aroused.

The witnesses to this discourse were few in between
some were stricken with awe, others took it for granted
there were several that were so inspired, they even ranted
when finally the mainstream were alerted, everyone chanted.

Such will be the disclosure when the whole world is engaged
the point of view, when such participation can even be staged
from the children on, youth, middle aged and also the very aged
to all the residents of planet Earth, hereafter this can be arranged.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Spilling the beans
What I have witnessed in the journey of life
has driven me to the idiom of the absurd
not only have I learned to laugh at things
but I am also delighted in playing the fool
when particularized to be a convenient tool.

The privileged fool is a fool of indulgence 
the popular fool is a fool through capacity.
excess is by no means a proof of capability
greed is habituated as an indication of ability
consumers are nurtured to a state of obesity.

Honey coated vanity is a brand of insanity
which serves to disseminate this life's irony
humility is an honest expression of humanity
when the air is pure and the water crystal clear
mother nature is near, birds shall be singing here
the slightest indication of fear could hinder the seer.


Monday, June 10, 2013


Here is a wish, a resolution, an affirmation
may wholeness blossom beyond each nation
the salvation is in the awakening from habit
taking it to the level of creative regeneration
evolution needs change from cyclical repeat.

May there be total transparency on planet Earth
truth at all levels; explicit, crystal clear, for real
may the latest leak be beyond all expectations
an extra sensory aptness in place, in the open
let us read each others minds, here is hoping.

Should there be total chaos as a consequence
may it be contained until real change takes place
so far, big fish eating the small has been the game
the strong nurturing the weak may be the next face
affirmation goes as; "let us realize our true place".