Sunday, June 09, 2013


Less we forget
This undisputed Earth belonged to no one
everyone living in it were visitors in time
no one made sure that it stayed that way
no one doubted that this would change one day
till some others took charge and imposed their say.


Saturday, June 08, 2013


Utopian New World Order
The ones that had the gore, violence and all
would use brute force, weapons and more
cunning was applied, reinforced with time
to wipe out the peaceful and innocent folk.

Power of force was the way conquests were made
history be the witness only that too was changed
each conquerer had a brand new version to dictate
with heroism of the brave, the old orders did change.

This has variations that continue to this day
the vested interests always have had their say
with subtle scrutiny the herds are made to pay
it is high time for total change, I'll rave if I may.

There has been attempts, revolutions as such
but human nature won, which didn't amount to much
the rebel when able, become the next kin of tyrant
the same debris won the game, I am disposed to rant.

What the future holds, some argue is all the same
whoever succeeds in popularity attains such fame
the ones who are left behind are considered lame
the winner has it all, to the loser comes the shame.

Equal footing for all with total willing participation
an end to race, religion, nation, the abomination
let culture and the arts become the rainbow fashion
where each individual blossoms to be a decent person.


Friday, June 07, 2013


State of Puppetry
The initiation is brief
thoroughly executed
indubitably applied
ruthlessly injected

to willing consumers
soldiers of misfortune
brains whitewashed
cleared from intuition
then laced accordingly
with applicable program
solid loyalty established
unconditional obedience
to pre established master
glorifying martyrdom
promoted meticulously
fanatical, fearless, gutsy
subservient at full capacity
with unswerving docility
a police coated policy
present state of zealotry
is a haunting perplexity
this new order of bigotry
offering security to some
the sign of times to come.


Thursday, June 06, 2013


A tender stroke followed by a slick punch
gently petting the tush, then kicking the butt
a kiss on the cheek, chased by a slap on the face
the art of easing the tension by oozing out the pain
do not be vain, there is no gain in driving one insane
the dubious thing, there is much animosity in this activity
yet humanity is guilty of harboring such outrageous cruelty.


Wednesday, June 05, 2013


An invitation to collective affirmation.
Planet Earth is a once in a lifetime experience
for all the residents alive now, sharing life
we are all visitors here, passing through time
makes you wonder why is it that we struggle
why this survival trip rather than enjoying it?.
We are not born in equal footing, but so what
there are challenges, hell is alongside heaven
overpopulation, starvation, possession issues
and on and on we go, reasoning Adam and Eve
paradise lost, ashamed to be natural, jealousy
ego, lust, desire, greed, fear, authority, hierarchy,
territories, boarders, defensive offensive pastures
attitudes, religions that distort, cunning is applied
divide and conquer, power over each other, biases
exploitation, need for power, enslaving each other
what on Earth for, don't we know any better?.
At this stage in our evolution this is clear enough
Utopia or bust, androids, robots, also the insects
may inherit a wrecked planet, they might survive
or we could literally realize the joy of the butterfly
with scientific know how, with knowledge at hand
intelligence and wisdom, freedom and responsibility
hand in hand, we could also get there my friend
what would it take, this is what we need to affirm,
we are not a finished process, we may achieve this.



Threatened Sanity
When the dark clouds move in
the Moon, the Sun, go to hiding
into a deep sleep, now abiding.

I have watched the skies bleed
from arrows aimed at dreams
In the midst of a lightning strike
when the sky was torn apart, 
scattering clouds in a rush
as they hovered like dark angels
emerging from a tearful sky.

Let them wash away those memories
I want to forget things I have seen
I want to whitewash the stained skin
all the disturbing places I have been, 
for the sake of my threatened sanity.

Those thoughts that mock me way within
causing resentments I do not want or need
astounding dreams sabotaged by plain envy
waking up only to realize that you can't embrace 
whoever, whenever, however you would like to trust
which makes me want to let go of all my expectations.

Is not the art of receiving in the sincerity of the offering 
the act of sharing can blossom with the intent of serving 
the fun of life is in the here and now, should be enjoying
so what's the matter, why is it, what is it we are denying?
Let us let all our dreams shine across throughout the sky.


Tuesday, June 04, 2013


One Last Call

Vicious cycles

repeating over

and over again.

One final war

must be waged

on the causes

of all the wars

being staged.

Not just any war

but a just war

for once and all

let's take a stand

hand in hand

to put an end

to such abuse

on planet Earth.

At the edge we stand

with the end at hand

survival will depend
n the knack to bend

have message to send

need some help friend

we must stop this trend.