Sunday, May 19, 2013


Time is a mighty river
towards eternity
while we journey in it
towards some destination
some metamorphosis  

some point

we call death
where we stop
while time goes on
and on and on  


do we go on
while time stops

Shall we ever know

the whole truth
nothing... nothing
but the truth



When we are one with time

we are not merely passengers
we are the journey.
Are not there then
those moments when
we catch a glimpse of eternity
as time in all clarity
stands still.


Spilling the beans
Honey coated vanity is a brand of insanity
which serves to disseminate this life's irony
humility is an honest expression of humanity
when the air is pure and the water crystal clear
mother nature is near, birds shall be singing here
the slightest indication of fear could hinder the seer.


Saturday, May 18, 2013


Itchy finger is gaining momentum at happy trigger squeeze
bullets are flying towards unidentifiable targets with ease
when somebody points a gun at you it is time to freeze
do not point your weapons at the peacemakers please.
Inevitable tendencies, to defend best you shoot first
the push of a button, the slip of a flip... beep.. beep
done and over with, petrified toast, buried deep
as long as firearms are plentiful, life is cheap.


They were easing the tensions
by oozing out the inflicted pain
a strike with one hand subdued
by the gentle stroke of another.
There is humanity in this cruelty
yet humanity is deemed guilty
of harboring so much depravity.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Delicate Procedure
By the looks of it, frogs in luke warm
slow cooking simmer, on back burner
nice and steady, easy does it, stir gently
with kid gloves on, a delicate procedure
not an inkling is wasted, each drop counts
to a palatable outcome is what this amounts.

That is the way affairs of war are conducted
no indication of the true intentions revealed
with saber rattling and obnoxious talk at best
no warning until you feel the heat on the neck
once the first bite is in, the rest could be taken
there will be little left behind, nothing forsaken.


Most people, who are at the end of their existence 
see the life they have lived from a personal perspective 
rather than the actual objective point of view. 

The thought occurred to me that we would be
utterly amazed at seeing the hidden truth unfold
the way it should have, had we been aware of what was what
we should have acted differently at life's various junctures
which would have accordingly, effected the future.

Being alert, unswerving and true to oneself is all one can do
to be on the level, we are partially responsible, utterly capable

consciously aware, however there are other factors
those beyond our perception, since we can only see so far.

Anyone can easily be fooled, tricked, deceived, diddled
we are utterly vulnerable. If it were possible to attain clarity,
transparency both within ourselves, also socially with each other

even with animals and plants, we would not feel so ashamed
guilty, or confused about arriving to this life stark naked.

We could have grabbed the ball from the hands of Adam and Eve
taken it to a level where we would have a chance of becoming  
the one and only, indisputable architects of our unique destiny.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Our next major project, a Monument for Peace on Earth, has to be ten times the size of the twin towers, should dwarf all else, as for a location I propose Jerusalem, I can't think of a better place, if we can make enough space. This monument should contain all the warriors that died fighting wars in the human race, also all the non soldiers (civilians) killed as a consequence, from the beginning of human history up to the present. A huge temple for the wasted humans, why not include also the murdered humans by non combatants. We can count trillions there, many more than the present population on Earth. That should be a reminder of where we stand. For such a huge construction we may need a few trillion bucks, so let us approach the Federal Reserve and the IMF and the World Bank, the Central banks, and all the other countries in the World, proportionally to surrender their defense budgets, all the arms manufacturing conglomerates and even you and I should pay taxes for such a monument. Only one army is needed on Earth, the 'Star Wars' project with a one and only united nations flag, in the name of the residents of this planet, how about that?. This just dawned on me, so the idea is very fresh, we need the support of just about everyone on planet Earth. Join in with this major project by passing the word around the World. What goes around comes around. If we make this happen we might achieve a harmonious co-existence thereafter. :)


Architects of Destiny
We arrive to this life in this human body
containing the various aspects, a blend
of the opposites in the good-bad polarity
we have genetic history, cellular memory
as we strive towards our need to be free
from all influences that create our duality.

We should be acrobats on the line of polarity
balancing the opposite forces, the influences
our choice is our inclinations, the tendencies
and the dictates of the mind, common sense
the absence of one is the other's compromise
in the journey of life it is necessary to be wise.

Together we have to find a ground of real trust
the core essence we can build on, this is a must
a foundation based on a common faith in Good
but in truth such a premise is yet to be realized
most of the human beings do what they are told 
or they stand little chance of growing to be old.

It has to be all of us, at the same time, all at once
it will take such a phenomenon to bring us together
whether black, yellow, red or white does not matter
as long as we grow together, unbiased and affable
where we can easily say, this is us and we are one
when we are able to achieve this, there will be peace.


Personal Integrity
Freedom, morality, and the dignity

 of the human individual

consists precisely in this;

that he does good 

not because he is forced to do so,

but because he freely conceives it, 

wants it, and loves it!


Subliminal Strings
The established order cultivates
Methods of productive slavery
Rather than creative freedom
Encouraging most societies
To promote and reinforce
Staunch consumer orientation
Whereby the vested interests
Political, economic or religious
Can manipulate through the media
Thoroughly exploiting the masses
Accordingly people are conditioned
To think and behave in a certain way
Or not to think at all, acting suitably
Therefore, responding favorably
When their subliminal strings are pulled
Only rare individuals who inadvertently
Fall through the cracks, escape this trend
Nevertheless they are considered to be
Rebels with subversive perspectives
A bunch of unruly, disruptive anarchists.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It was a picnic, a piece of cake
In this sharing there was offering
well meaning, it was a give and take
then the wind broke in smooth fashion
blew off the candles with a gentle breeze
when the going persisted, the storm arrived
the gale got hold, the flames caught the fumes
blowing them higher, the entire place was wrecked.


A passionate plea
Ardor is subtle when taken in gullibility
with purity, innocence and also naivety
alongside passion, comes vulnerability
should it crumble, there will be no pity
romance in bloom, such is pure delight
must cherish beloved to keep it in sight
faith is delicate, can be creamed by fate
so strong yet fragile, should treat it right.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Masks and masks and masks
people wear always, everywhere
established identity of pretense
as the state of natural defense
preconditioned survival needs
to accomplish reinforced deeds
who dare have an unmasked face
where the psychic air is polluted
you need to be wearing a mask
assassins roaming, dime a dozen
did you not notice, hearts frozen
need protection from each other.
Masks hide but they also identify
names, numbers, birthdays, tags
masks of kinds, constantly worn
the true self buried deep in rugs
crying out for open hearted hugs
threatened by some ruthless thugs
you can't be yourself and live it too
 bogus hypocrisy protected at all costs
can't have your cake and eat it too
if you are sane you must pretend
masks are a means to hide it seems
after all that is the established trend
they will fall once we reach the end.


Enough is Enough, Next!.
It is the easiest thing to say
so and so is the right way
but when it is time to play
with your neck on the line
much has been left undone.

Integrity will always demand
that you should command
the reigns of your destiny
regardless of a helping hand
first you must take a stand
once you fully understand
the consequences at the end.

Should you encounter wrath
while strolling on this path
you might also have to face
whatever amount of disgrace
is thrown at you at your age.

You best drop this rage
before you dare engage
the debris of your mind
be kind to your own kind
once you unlock the cage
what to do at that stage
never mind, turn the page.


The string that connects
and separates the mask
to and from the puppet
that social power line
that collects and dispenses favor
which distinguishes the king
from the peasant
the line that separates
master from slave
is madness itself
to cross it is heroic
to define it
is to play the fool.


Monday, May 13, 2013


The Heat Is On

Flaring words are at the heart of this matter 
scorching, too hot to eat out of this platter
may it be for the worse or for the better 
what we have here is a stark reminder
that we are going under, no wonder
because of our histrionic blunder
a flaming message from yonder.


The possessive, jealous, conditional kind of love
is trumped by the detached, selfless, blessed one
all the appeal, pleading, threatening of the lover
is humbled by love that simply wishes well being.

Love is in the air, a matter of breathing and exhaling
it has nothing to do with buying, owning, depending
it is all about giving, once it is in sync with receiving
when the balance is there, it is just a matter of being.

All those tragedies that occur in the name of love
all them sacrifices, all the emotional pain is in vain
desire and jealousy are huge players in this domain
they have been known to drive many a lover insane,

Love has been astutely exploited to sell a product
a suitor, shrewdly seductive can be branded a lover
lust is the degradation of love, craving to possess 
it is often abused by the cunning  to attain power.

A true lover is pure heart, the mind is an obstacle
unless wisdom substitutes by initiating attributes
falling in love is hazardous can make one jealous
this is an emotional feast, the best reason to exist.

But when love is lost, enormous can be the cost
in one sided selfish love just the wise will survive
only a mystic can handle love haphazardly almost
while all fall out of love the genuine always thrive.