Saturday, April 27, 2013


When the going gets tough
walking through the rough
hand in hand with a friend
is what it takes to find out
who is your real, true friend.
Egotistic good time friends
never seem to be around
while you are down and out
when no deal is to be found
even if you plea and shout.
The truth of the loyal friend
appears in days of distress
because you're part of them
they'll stand by you till the end
such is the meaning, 'God sent'.
Friendship is not a paper deal
no signature, no oath, no seal
a spirit that can touch and heal
as a result of the way they feel
 a genuine, true friend is for real.


Friday, April 26, 2013


Vicious cycles
recurring over
and over again.
One final war
must be waged
on the causes
the root reason
of all the wars
being staged.

Not just a war
but a just war
for once and all
a peaceful land
let's take a stand
hand in hand
to put an end
to such mayhem
threatening life
on planet Earth.

At the edge we stand
with the end at hand
we must surely intend
to survive this trend
we have life to sustain
if we wish to remain
free from such pain
this will all depend
on our knack to bend
sooner than the end
I have message to send
we need help my friend.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


It does not have to be a secret to spread
besides with whom do you care to share
who can cope with it, who would dare
to really give a darn, most certainly care
about the truth, nothing but the truth
bona fide seed is indeed the fruit in need
I would like to clarify this picture, take heed.

Compelling in an instant, everything in the open
in total transparency, we can see through it all
fibs have nowhere to hide, nothing can escape
all is in the clear, explicit, exposed, bare naked
the masses have been in total darkness for ages
now, enlightened with such blinding illumination
unless they handle the truth it can be damnation.

There should be no racism, or national division
without any disguise, such is ultimate salvation
truth eventually surfaces, similar to an air bubble
just by nature it will rise up from the deep waters
glowing upon memories, exposing all that matters
causing uneasy admission of ill spent twisted lives
only a clear vision ahead, is where the truth thrives.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Dead of night

not a soul in sight

if I looked the other way

going back a while

as I passed you by 

in the darkened sky

without a hi

the reason why

was not because

dust was in my eye

I just wanted to deny

another long goodbye.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Dare I ask

a sleeping self

who and what

to dream about?.

Dare I dream


all along

why whoever

is in there

won't stop

touching me


against me



pushing me

to suit them

submit to them

to serve them.

Why whoever

is in there

won't let me


I have


my earthly


just to witness

the gift

of the sight

of their charred


Layers and layers

of memory traces

endless faces

washing down

running out


in the shower

falling in vain

the pain


with the rain.

My visions

are squandered

washed against

remote corners

of the mind


the faintest ideas

gather and season


to be set free

from the grasp

of reason.

Dare I ask

this lucid dreamer

If he can spare

the will to change?

Take a dive

from the lucid

into the deep

and keep going

until you surface

from your sleep

here, in this space

there is no place

to duck and hide

not even a trace.


Monday, April 22, 2013



Intelligence is an open wound, it needs wisdom to heal
cunning will form a crust, will steal away human trust
of what is truly from the heart, the capacity to feel
instead it is going to juggle some motive to kill
the weakly meek, to create space for the elite.

For the ones in power, intelligence is a vicious tool
they must rule with an iron fist to maintain control
to be governed by authority is not meant for all
being in charge of other souls is a sinister call
independence if we may should humanity fail.

Nobody is a fool, not the K.G.B, nor the C.I.A
obviously, the likes of them are in charge today
they are lacking wisdom, all they want is control
'you are either with us or against us' is not for all
what we need is love and peace, not score a goal.

What will come out of this is anyones guess
I do not know the outcome, I should confess
by the looks of it there are reasons to depress
you can read counter-information in the press
after all, we belong to one another, more or less.