Sunday, August 13, 2017


To see that which is invisible 

 A matter of creating from nothing

I don't have to believe in what I see

Although they are the creations of me.


Launched into the cross currents of cyberspace
Emerging out of a deeper inner place
Faces upon faces disguised within a face.



Moon waves are crushing on my soul
arousing my senses deep from within 
I've known the full Moon to be moody 
plays with me like a master puppeteer
while ghosts perform a mystical dance 
my passions are awakened all at once
plunging headlong into a deep trance.
Submitting to the Moon is an easy task
If I could only let go and drop this mask 
as I move in with the tide, hear my side
of this story where I was taken for a ride
and ruthlessly driven into the darker side.


Beyond the shadow of the slightest doubt
trace of the moon mirrored in silver spoon
inside a big mouth, under a sharp tongue
hold on to the temptation don't let it hang
hankering might spoil the whole shebang.

Sugar coated tongue has charming entice
sweet nothings down your ear sound nice
in spite of a fiery desire stricken with vice
do not brood even if you end up in demise
trivial pursuits fetch only a skin-deep price.


Voluntary confinement is a valiant quest
Besides this established pecking digest
A space where nothing can entirely rest
In total absence presides the holy guest
Lacking in presence, asserting the best
Vacuous as it provides the ultimate test.

Voluntary exile from an established way
Is a blessing in disguise a seeker may say
Freedom is having a choice you can take
Not brash imposition for someone's sake
But humility, reverence in deep gratitude
May embrace solitude with such attitude.