Thursday, August 03, 2017


The purpose of my work is to stimulate
provoke the imagination of the perceiver.
First phase is casual psychic automatism
finishing touches, integrated cutting edge.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Primitive - Modern ~ The future need not imitate the past
Consumer oriented entertainment exerts our generation
As we automatically imitate what has been the given
Which is the same approach over and over again
Renaissance can happen when we move away
From the established norm, freely create
Rather then serve from a vested box
Show business staged with hoax
Has had its day, what’s next?.


I ask the winds 
to take my words 
to places yet unknown 
through tracks of dust 
memories of passage. 
Places in the here and now 
the past, the future and all 
from the ink stains 
and annals of creation 
to the micro chips 
galaxies of regeneration. 
I have arrived here 
with cautious discretion. 
I shall be meeting 
a dark stranger soon 
a mysterious hero 
the silent avenger
an angel in disguise.
I must again and again
without strain
abstain from pain 
then again…
there's no such temptation 
of going insane. 
Given half the chance 
to dance 
to the rhythm of my tune 
I heard the deejay pull the plug 
and play a song for me. 
Let me submerge into a chord 
emerge from a deep sleep 
beyond which the eyes can see 
despite the prevailing mist 
the long stretch across the frets 
where the going is rough 
will soon be smoothened over 
by the solidity of my resolve 
I assure the World of this 
and implore the winds to grant me 
this unprecedented opportunity 
of transposing wholeness 
where it can instantly make a dent 
way within 
through the thick and thin 
of my lucid dreams.



No shortage of shape shifters in this plain, on this planet 
I’m one of them but only in my dreams I can demonstrate
What may appear to the naked eye as strange, takes place
With closed eyelids I have seen things you wouldn’t believe
In my mind lies the potential of becoming whatever I deem.


Those drawings reflect my innermost aspects, 
not that I understand them 
but this is the best clue I have
 of my true identity. 
Sharing them, offering them to cyberspace 
is in a way my message, 
the internet is a perfect vehicle for sharing 
with everyone in this World
who knows who else is able to see what's here.


Automatism is a means to explore my latent aspects
Which has been a source of scrutinizing the obscure
For over half a century I have been doodling scribbles
This has become an ongoing habit without an intention 
What I've done inadvertently is thus finding a purpose.