Saturday, June 17, 2017


A point of view has wavering credibility
when one is approaching the hereafter
an open mind, while yearning to dance
is coerced to take this cautious stance.
While the inner and the outer converge
at the verge of a highly fermented age
a butterfly who used to be vermin once
may be taking a transcendental chance.
Speculators are well advised to consider 
quantum manifestation in any given case 
in case there might be the time to ponder
should a first hand experience be yonder.

Friday, June 16, 2017




The purpose of my work is to stimulate
provoke the imagination of the perceiver.
First phase is casual psychic automatism
finishing touches, integrated cutting edge.

I'm like an astronaut of inner space



Every person may carry an akin presence
Subliminally residing inside another mind
Intuition is the virtual means of revelation
Manifests without conscious deliberation
Emerges in the absence of contemplation.


When the past, the present and the future
walked into a saloon the situation got tense
they wanted to deny each other’s presence
however there wasn’t room left for pretence 
to no avail, truth was spread upon the table
they had to deal with the facts of the matter
the present grasped the past had gone bust
what the future inherited was recycled dust.


Acting like spoiled child
with a mocking muddle
Strict denial of ripening
To avoid the silly shame
As years clumping past
In this agony of waiting
Traces of fading bloom
Found in eyes of gloom
Sour be a pending truth
Not a path can lead back
To worn garden of youth.


Burnt-out, deep rooted, still alive
By the looks of it, attempting to fly
Bold pioneer determined to survive
The hard-core tree is refusing to die.


The soul when given a bogus goal, cried foul
did not want to be harnessed, pushed around
for the sake of the unborn children of mankind
babies must not become puppets of reprimand
it doesn’t matter whether they are yours or mine
as long as their soul isn't severed from the divine.


Having carefully read your letter 
I find it hard to say anything better
Irony being at the heart of this matter 
It’s painful to eat out of a sizzling platter 
We’ve been biting time with small chatter 
May be for the worse, may be for the better 
What we have here is simply a stark reminder 
We are going under due to unreasonable blunder 
No wonder we should’ve been kinder to each other.


Just a matter of time, should never give up hope
The land of no return, there’ll be no getting back
Time is rolling like a ball, rushing down the slope
The further it goes the faster fosters the thruster
Sooner or later we will impend the puppet master
No more strings attached may hasten encounter.