Saturday, June 10, 2017


Life can be like an endeavour on a roller coaster ride 
From yourself, you should have no nonsense to hide
Presuming you should bare humility alongside pride.
Whilst you rise in life, your friends know who you are
When you fall down, you'll know who your friends are.


Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Dare I ask 
a sleeping self 
who and what 
to dream about?. 
Dare I dream
all along
why whoever
is in there
won't stop
touching me,
tormenting me
to suit them,
submit to them,
to serve them.
Why whoever
is in there
won't let me
I have
my earthly
for the gift
of the sight
of charred 
Layers and layers
of memory traces
show in my faces,
myriad visions
washed against
remote corners
of the mind
the faintest ideas
gather and season
to be set free
from the grasp
of reason.
Dare I ask
this lucid dreamer
If he could spare
the will to change?
With this poem
I move
into a space
I can not be
I may slip
into a sleep
from which
I may not rise.
Dreaming wise
is the best advice
I could surmise.


The answer came initially out of the blue
did not ask the question, not even to you
it surfaced from the void totally by chance
I had to trace it back to envisioned stance.
A dream in which we are dancing in trance 
euphoric in a sense, as delusions enhance.
The crop circle manifest, sign clearly seen
has been from the beginning in the making
to be in this World yet of a universe within
I can hardly believe in what I have not seen.



Moon waves are crushing on my soul
arousing my senses deep from within 
I've known the full Moon to be moody 
plays with me like a master puppeteer
while ghosts perform a mystical dance 
my passions are awakened all at once
plunging headlong into a deep trance.
Submitting to the Moon is an easy task
If I could only let go and drop this mask 
as I move in with the tide, hear my side
of this story where I was taken for a ride
and ruthlessly driven into the darker side 
where some lunatics were waiting in hide
humiliating me at the expense of my pride.


A push and shove
response to insult
momentary repose
avowal of discretion
obtained temptation
an anticipated shift
polar versus bipolar
causing disturbance
beckoning for a twist
with a tilt of the axis
spilling out mayhem
all cries for salvation
falling upon deaf ears
tremors of petulance
pending aggravation
running down in tears
provoking an eruption.



When I post poetry, art, thoughts and visions online 
I ask the cyber winds to take them to far out places 
As blowing a breath of eternity, forever they remain
Unconditional offering, no one can steal it from me
I'll let them flow without copyright, let them be free.


Lucid dreaming during daydreaming
one facing down, the other facing up
as if lying on the surface of the water
turning over from one side to another
slow motion spinning from head to toe
all the time staying consciously aware
swinging back and forth, here to there
a coalescing of the inner and the outer
higher the climb, the deeper is the dive
the up and downs of roller-coaster ride
turning things around, breaking ground
the road below leads to worlds beyond
what goes around should come around.