Sunday, May 21, 2017


I jumped out of a crazy dream
my heart beating way too fast
I have arrived here going past
what was present could not last.
A snowball rolling down a slope
speeding up, gaining momentum
growing to size before my eyes
swallowing everything on its path.
Just as the ball was about to crush
I made a rush at a moment’s flash
accelerating in tremendous pace
automatically stretching the space.
Latent potent pop burst into action
traveling in time by means of suction
back and forth in tremendous friction
what I saw was future, not just fiction.
Immediately as I opened my eyes
the dream I had just experienced
was protruding with a soft landing
ahead of me in projected standing.
I caught up with an envisioned future
unfolding underneath a lucid dream
a reversal of "de ja vu" manifesting
here and now literally was expanding.
The place I have arrived in due course
has now been realized as my resource
since I took a peek into a future source
as destiny has unfolded out of course.
I marvel at a future which is going on
I should figure it out before it has gone
having witnessed what is yet to come 
I surely know what needs to be done.


At the edge of automatic psychic expression
Perceiving the actual & Invisible environment.

Perpetual walk in the midst of obscure regions
In the process discovering subtle hidden places
Witnessing the emergence of faces within faces.


The initiation is brief
thoroughly executed
swiftly implemented
meticulously injected 
to allured consumers.
Soldiers of misfortune
whitewashed cerebrum
discarded from intuition
as a current version of
terror tainted malware 
surgically planted there
securing a biased mind.
Solid loyalty established
unconditional obedience
to pre-conceived master
the manufactured drone
in blood flesh and bone
planning a noxious task
far, far away from home.
Suicidal charge cracked
could blow up in contact
as a just a matter of fact
martyr of hallowed act
should not remain intact.
Fanatically coated policy
state of bigoted zealotry
such an abominable pity
unacceptable to anybody
yet, just a matter of time
for this inevitable crime
to shape things to come.



Masks and masks and masks
everyone solicitously wearing 
walking around in fake smiles
inner feelings kept in disguise
expedient posture of pretence
is the state of natural defence. 
Masks custom made on arrival 
superficial allusions of identity
names, numbers, tags, brands
idiopathic means, cocky trends
skirts for ladies pants for gents
a golden crown his majesty gets.
The deliberate indication of fear 
looks like the safe way to appear
removed when the coast is clear
can't hide the truth from a seer
outwardly proud, but really shy 
take a scorching look in the eye.


I saw a reflection of my thoughts
in the mirror of streaming words
as I reached out for a black pearl
at the mouth of a big bad oyster.
It slipped out, sinking down deep
I dived head first, my ears ringing
eyes searching for a subtle glitter
a dark reflection impacted my sight
I locked on it blindly, barely clinging
guided by instincts, arms stretched
I snatched the pearl for an instant
it grabbed me back, firmly dragging
through a cavity in a deepening hole
I woke before the fall as far as I recall.


I don't always know why I do what I do
Which is rather comforting at this stage
My intention is to stick by my discretion
Suboriginal scribbles, strings detached
Is the indication of a state of inspiration.