Saturday, April 01, 2017


She came with luggage 
he gave a helping hand
it was all neat and proper
he was a true gentleman.
Once her body was spread 
all over her queen size bed
she extended an inviting hand
which he was tempted to accept
but there was laundry to contend
which belonged to his late friend
he was inclined but just declined
the load was too heavy to handle
instead he kissed her a goodbye
and reached for the door handle.


Here is moving past 
the ageing sorrow 
to kick the bucket 
scare the chickens 
with steroid pollute 
I swallowed enough
while still at school.
With weary eyes 
I salute you all, 
in raging fury 
am a little dreary, 
here comes the ball 
I kick it abrupt 
I kick it high 
to score a goal 
right into the sky.
Let me ask you why 
you ate the cow 
before I figured how 
to drink the milk?.
I am on my way 
to dish the news 
serving the crap
in tomahawk scrap.
It has been a while
since I caught this bug
I don’t mean to bug
but reluctant to hug
come along and tug
shouldn't be a drag!.