Thursday, March 09, 2017


I have journeyed through mystic jungles of madness to arrive here  
Hence I recognize what I am witnessing in the World today clearly
Faces within faces emerge as I hold on to the verge of cognizance
Automatic drawing, subliminal doodles without conscious direction
Emerging candidly as I witness the absurd obscurity of  petty affairs.


Beyond the shadow of a slightest doubt
a trace of the moon seen in silver spoon
inside your mouth, under a sharp tongue
hold on to the utterance, don't let it hang
hankering might spoil the whole shebang.
Sugar coated tongue has charming entice
sweet nothings down the ear sounds nice
in spite of fiery desire turning to nasty vice
do not brood even if you end up in demise
trivial pursuits fetch only a skin-deep price.


To be able to see the invisible, all preconceptions are abandoned
There’s no idea, no direction apart from being in the here and now
Like riding a wave, bearing with it, with the grain, balanced surfing
Timing is the key, freezing on an image as it comes within the range
Expounding in a way revealing subtleties omnipresent yet so strange.


There are so many layers of time unfolding simultaneously
progressing on some levels yet regressing in many others
cross-currents moving from past to future & vice - versa
half way in life one might catch glimpse of a parallel me
moving in reverse, from old age towards the birth stage
when we cross each other at midpoint we might detect
this point in time informs the centre of life, middle age
therefore distance travelled equals the reverse phase.


As I took a gentle touch of warm breath 
before I could deliver one last cool breathe
the whole World passed away before my eyes 
left me wondering if my life had been in disguise.



I may be departing in belated time
yet this is an outcome, not a crime
what I’ve spawn should outlast me
images of faces within more faces
habitual aspect of automatic slant
thus quietly floating in cyberspace
literally revealing my genuine face.

Monday, March 06, 2017


The pitiful grievances I sometime hear 
goes through one ear but doesn’t clear
gets stuck in the mind, therefore I fear
it may not come out from the other ear
less I wash it down with a crocodile tear.