Saturday, January 14, 2017


Material bodies 
apparent shapes 
variations in space
outer physical aspects 
emerging as appearances.
The World is given as whole
not one here and another there 
subject and object are simply one
recently acquired knowledge states
there's no barrier between this and that.
The illusion.. of the illusion.. of the illusion
a delusory perception of the bogus spurious
seemingly detached pieces find natural unison
this pseudo reflection of an assumed impression
the integration of an inherently dubious deception.


An ironic rise from epitome of disguise
in the process of life it helps to be wise
together we must find the basis of trust
otherwise we won't be able to get past
another repeated cycle just like the last.
This requisite is based on a common need
there’s plenty of stuff that we can concede
as custodians of nature, a wonderful deed
only after we assume true troth with ease
we would be able to live life like we please.


Voluntary confinement is a valiant quest
Besides this established pecking digest
A space where nothing can entirely rest
In total absence presides the holy guest
Lacking in presence but genuine at best
Tortuous as it provides the ultimate test.
Voluntary exile from an established way
Is a blessing in disguise, you might say
Freedom is having choice one can take
Not merely the sanction of convenience
But humility, reverence in deep solitude
May embrace absence with such attitude.


An inconspicuous star, far in the sky
has never been seen by a human eye
however up there, as a matter of fact
we’re attempting to establish contact
thus sooner or later we might interact.


Dressed in black they came, twenty strong
All legal and proper, with credentials and all
Once inside the private residence of a doctor
They turned into gestapos, spewing out horror
Terrorizing the family with a brute show of force
In the name of government is 'The Bill of Wrongs'
I know this story to be true and revealing as much
As to what may be wrong in such abuse of the law
Considering it comes from the echelons of ministry
The execution of which has an implication awkward
When intrigue is on this line, justice will be in decline
Authority well equipped to set scheme to reap a fine.


There is such a thing as incorrect spelling
it could be good or bad, there is no telling
in a poetic rush when words are spiralling
should they crush, there'll be sour feeling.
The careless spelling of significant words
like the incidental spilling of vintage wine
biting bitter rumblings of a twisted tongue
ranting misspelled words in coarse slang
if you are looking for the precise meaning
you have to grasp the other guy’s feeling.


Scribbled on a paper in automatic daze
faces upon faces of wonder and amaze
emerge out of nowhere, leaving a trace
such is my essential nature in any case
just a casual habit, fazing at this phase.


The devil came with kid gloves
asperger’s symptom they were
asperse as they would become
screening tool will easily detect
keenly diagnosed ensuing birth
there’s only room for select few
who are highly praised as family
the chosen one’s have no choice
they simply follow a prompt voice.