Saturday, January 07, 2017


As we enter the hereafter we are well aware
That we must face what has been held back
Denial alongside fabrications of false reality
Ordained by media inflicted vested interests.
Transparency is key to harmonious existence
Humanity can only progress in complete unity
Where everyone is exposed to reality as it is
No room for hoaxes and lies under a clear sky.
As it is, those supposedly smart vicious people
Will climb to the top of the hierarchy inevitably
Although they are far from being of true quality
They’ll force their ways on the rest of humanity.


Intelligence is an open wound, handle it with wisdom
cunning is the by-product, when required it’ll interact 
What is truly from the heart, the capacity for empathy
can be savagely squandered by condescending apathy.


It's all about belonging isn't it
the moment we arrive here
we are clearly informed
of what belongs to what
and who belongs to who.
As toddlers we suck nipples
that belong to us if we’re lucky
as we grow up we draw borders
our designated areas, territories
our identities are carved in sand
our names, numbers, birthmarks.
Earth is divided amongst nations
who have been fighting for eons
to defend or expand the borders.
There is also the issue of money
the indisputable power it commands
Just about anyone is prepared to do
just about anything to acquire money
It is so powerful, it can coerce people
into becoming willing, voluntary slaves.
A new arrival to this life has nought say
this is the way it is, we’re locked in that.
For the suffering meek, mortality is relief
while for the lavish masters, death is hell
life is full of irony, winners end up losing.
Is anyone in charge of the entire picture
or are those who assume to be in charge
are only concerned in holding on to power.
We are a part of nature for what it's worth
why not play our part as custodians of life
what goes around comes back we’re aware
borders are to asunder, I’d much rather share
a united World I aspire, that is the bottom line.



Sinking as proxy to diving deep
not quite the same as in sleep
reaching out for special dream
just an aspiration as may seem
made right now in an instance
from the guts of a reborn self
into magnitude of cyberspace
parallel universe in the reverse
as one could easily participate
in the creation of virtual space.


Our life is like a kind of journey where 
the landscape fosters a different view 
from that which was presented at first 
changes again and again until the end
while we have new wishes to entertain
which we’ll often find in a different plain
instead of realizing trivial pursuit in vain
such as pleasure, satisfaction and fame
we might acquire experience and insight
which are tangible and permanent things
far better than the futility of passing flings.


Here is a place where the unsaid will find voice
with more than just small talk and obscure noise
such precise wording should be a matter of choice 
when all is said and done there'll be grace and poise.