Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Doodling has been one of my oldest habits, 
well over half a century I’ve been scribbling
drawing on various surfaces, like wet sand 
wood, paper, the steam on glass windows
as hands move without conscious direction 

We all doodle, even a dot . a line - a circle 
a simple shape while the mind is elsewhere
while we’re daydreaming or lucid dreaming 
a mind space inhibited by automatic habits 
subconscious gestures, inbred tendencies
similar to picking nose, chewing fingernails
there are many nasty habits we often display
this one is rather useful, therapeutic, creative 
artistically inclined, revealing latent potentials.

I consider doodling to be a benevolent habit
the foundation, the backbone of my art form
as I am scrutinizing and refining my doodles
I'm interpreting, deciphering and expounding
picking signals from the subconscious regions
genetic memory stretching to primordial places
there is an indigenous tongue we can all speak
I have an idea that this is what I have been doing.