Saturday, October 22, 2016


Incite if you dare the inner ride
dive into it, take the deeper slide
probe into your soul but do not hide 
until you surface from the bright side.
What we make of this will mostly depend
on weather we shall rise above or descend
let us write in sand the gifts we want to send
our intention should be evident at the very end.


Traces of verse were sprinkled between the lines
the poet and entourage had less than nothing to say
not a single drop of rhythm was spilled over this poem
tempo was assumed after the dormant note was aroused
once the beat was stricken the mainstream were awakened.


The established order has been all about survival
the prey should resist and the shark would insist
which has been preexistence so far persistently
time after time repeat cycles of shark and prey.
We are now at the threshold of a vast change
the entire World is able to casually interface
what was concealed has risen to the surface
anyone can finally participate in cyberspace
beyond the divisions of nation, religion, race
beyond selling products or winning the race
The World Wide Web is an alternative space
when the time is ripe for an innovative change
unconditional sharing will be worth considering
freedom of expression is an indication of caring
which will take some daring should we be willing 
to approach the future with such validated attitude.


The grotesque visions of a life's discarded reverie
Alienated from the clinging roots, wanting to be free
Holding on to the body, eyes wide open, yet can't see
The soul has taken to ether, but the mind won't let it be
Transient entity grudgingly holding on to genetic memory 
Psyche yearning to leave but the mind clinging stubbornly
Spirit longs for eternity yet unable to leave indiscriminately
Entity need shed density, lighten up and rise past periphery.


There are regions of depth only a lone individual can infiltrate
A solo journey of descent under the custody of lucid dreams 
Beyond the bottom, retaining enough awareness to ascend 
Waking up to the day dream without losing consciousness
Alertly recalling every detail of this subconscious journey.