Friday, July 22, 2016


I have been a resident of this planet for almost 70 years
Enough is enough, I’m in the final stride of a long long life
Relatively speaking, what I shall leave behind is original
Personally there is no one as such or a group of people
I see all the residents of Planet Earth as a whole creation
Not one here and one there, all colours and races together
Yet no one is the same as another when closely scrutinized 
Simplicity on the surface, people are more complex in detail
I'm looking forward to take my leave from this phoney reality
Despite having a slight inclination of holding back my mind
Which is for sharing, since caring does not take any daring
Without favouritism of talking on behalf of a selected group
Rather, let us champion a just cause for the entire humanity
Nothing less than Utopia can be the potential manifestation 
Every person conscientiously and collectively totally aware
Also equally alert as humanity in harmonious co-existence.