Sunday, May 29, 2016


A point of view has wavering credibility
when one is approaching the hereafter,
an open mind, while yearning to dance
is coerced to take this cautious stance.
As the inner and the outer converge
at the verge of a highly ripened age,
the butterfly that were a worm once
will have to take a equivocal chance.
Speculators are cautioned to consider
the quantum manifests ever changing,
there can be no point in contemplating
while a first hand episode is occurring.


Roller coaster ride once you take the dive
go with the flow, with the grain you’ll slide
you might as well have an incredible ride 
you could vanish yet don’t aspire to hide
unless you transpire over the other side.


At the negation of inherent existence 
the mind is emptied in dire container
a head so clear when turned around
washed out of any evidence of doubt.
Nothingness is where all this sprouts
embrace emptiness, cherish solitude
stillness of mind can disperse clouds
open the heart wide, bear no attitude.


Ardor is subtle when taken in alertly
with integrity, virtuously, full heartedly
alongside passion comes vulnerability
should it crumble there could be no pity.
Romance in bloom, such is pure delight
cherish the beloved, hold on to love tight
faith is fragile, may be determined by fate
so intense but delicate, should treat it right.